Half Girlfriend

Let’s be honest – relationships can be tough, and at times, they can be extremely frustrating. The world is filled with one-sided love stories. Some of these stories end in tears, some in laughter and disturbingly some in bloodshed.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you very well know it’s all about giving and receiving. Both the person involved have to work equally hard in this relationship. A relationship is nothing if all the feelings, sacrifices, contributions, and hardwork are coming from only one end.

A half relationship is a relationship where the boy/girl are more than friends, but are still to commit themselves to each other. Such one-sided or half relationships are not only devastating and painful but also extremely harmful.

I have closely experienced how it feels to be a part of a one-sided relationship. In this post I’ll be sharing one such incidence that I have witnessed of being in a half relationship. To protect the identity of the people involved, I’ll be changing their names.

This is the story of one of the members of my friend circle. Rahul met Anjali during a college fest. There they worked in close proximities as they both were a part of the same department. During this time, they became good friends. Rahul slowly started developing feelings for her. She too started giving signals that she liked him. But Rahul didn’t want to make a sudden move and jeopardize the relationship. He let the friendship grow.

One fine day Anjali called Rahul asking for a favor. “Rahul, I am receiving unnecessary attention and proposals from boys. I am fedup. So I have decided to tell them all that I am dating you. But only you and I know that this is all fake. So please play along.” Rahul couldn’t say no. He taught maybe after being the friendzoned boyfriend he may get a chance to be an actual boyfriend.

Anjali would take Rahul everywhere she went; parties, family functions, outings with friends, etc. She introduced him as a boyfriend. She started acting very possessive of Rahul. She would make him spend on her, wouldn’t allow him to be with other girls, etc with the fear of the fake news coming out. Rahul was actually very confused.

This Half Relationship was having a bad impact on him as somewhere his real feelings for Anjali were being played with. Rahul finally ended up confessing his love for Anjali. Anjali laughed at him and straight away rejected him stating he is the type of guy people usually friendzone. Rahul realized that this relationship is harmful and decided to finally part ways with Anjali.

She tried to persuade him to be her “friend” again but Rahul didn’t. I remember how miserable he felt when she rejected him. His time with Anjali was extremely frustrating and stressful for him. He would cry bitterly. But with time his wounds healed and he bounced back to how he was.

We haven’t heard about Anjali from Rahul’s mouth again. Her social media accounts show that she is having the time of her life.

You’ll have your fair share of heartbreak, and your boyfriend or girlfriend may not always recognize what you have to offer.

But as long as you continue to eliminate the toxic, unappreciative people from your life, you’ll find the one who loves you equally and unconditionally, which is exactly what you deserve.

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