The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

When two people love each other truly there is very little chance of them being separated. Love is just a word until someone comes and gives it a meaning. The world seems beautiful and everything seems to be easy.

But what happens when the love is just one sided?

One sided relationship maybe a joke to many but in reality it is one of the most painful situation one can be in. The whole basis of relationship is to give and to take. But what happens when its only you giving and giving without getting anything in return? One sided relationships can be painful as well as upsetting.

The upcoming movie, Half Girlfriend, wonderfully captures the struggles of being in a one-sided relationship.

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 This story is of one of my school mates and hence I wouldn’t be naming that person. Rather I’ll be changing the names of the people involved.

Pooja was in the sixth grade when she first locked eyes with Karan. Everytime he would walk past her she would blush. Well, we all know the feeling of first love. But for Karan, Pooja never even existed. He was the hunk of the batch and had enough of girls flocking around him.

Poor Pooja was madly infatuated to notice this. She would draw “P&K” at the back of her books. Days turned into months and months into years. With each passing moment Pooja’s infatuation for Karan just kept on increasing. All her friends had now become aware of Pooja’s craziness for Karan. They had already started teasing her and calling her Mrs. Pooja Karan Lalit.

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Let’s fast forward to 10th grade now. The busiest period of a student’s life. Pooja had made up her mind that she would not let her infatuation for Karan affect her studies. But things didn’t seem to work in Pooja’s favor.

The students were shuffled and Karan ended up in Pooja’s class. Worst still, the teacher made Karan sit on the bench ahead of Pooja. Pooja’s and her friends behavior around Karan made it very obvious that Pooja had some feelings or Karan. Karan too became aware about this.

He started acting friendly with Pooja. He exchanged numbers with her. They would chat regularly through SMS (back then Whatsapp didn’t exist). When the time for assignments and book submissions came, Karan wouldn’t complete anything. Instead, he would make puppy eyes and Pooja would complete his books and assignments.

Finally, when Pooja too started to feel that Karan to likes her, she decided to make the move. On the day of our SSC farewell, Pooja went and confessed her feelings to Karan. But well she got the reply she wasn’t expecting.

“You are an amazing person but I just think of you as a friend. I want to concentrate on my exams now,” Karan replied.

Well, Pooja was devasted but she somewhere still saw a ray of hope. So she decided to wait and give another try after the exam results are out and when they join college.

But just a week or so before the final board exams Pooja found out that Karan was dating some other girl from his tuition classes. This news took a toll on Pooja’s emotional as well as mental health. She couldn’t concentrate on her studies and her exams.

She didn’t fare well in her exams and even after being a bright student she got pretty average scores. That’s when she realized that it was just a mere infatuation and she should finally move on with her life. She started giving importance to the things and the people that actually mattered.

Today, Karan is still the same, a flirt. But Pooja, on the other hand, has found true love and is living her life happily.

Pooja’s story is one of the many one sided Half Relationship stories that we get to see in this fast moving world. You can catch Half Girlfriend’s trailer here: