Weddings are a beautiful occasion. But we all know how much it tires us all. The fun-filled occasions of wedding it’s about a lot of planning and a lot of time goes in managing things.  For a bride, weddings are the biggest occasion because she has been eagerly waiting for this day for a long time. Unfortunately, the bride spends most of her time running errands instead of enjoying.


Some days ago, one of my cousins tied the knot. The wedding was a just like a fairytale, beautiful and astounding. After dating for almost 8 years, she tied the knot with her high school sweetheart. All our relatives from Karnataka came down to Mumbai to grace this occasion. My cousin, her dad, and her brother are working. Her mom is the only one who stays at home to take care of the house. But with the wedding preparations, they didn’t have enough time to clean the house.

Their house painting finished just ten days before the wedding and the guests were all on their way. My cousin was worried about all the cleaning that was to be done. We all know how much messed up the house becomes after a painting is done. And since this was a house was a wedding house, the cleaning had to be perfect. Housemaids and local cleaners won’t be able to clean the house professionally. Only specialized cleaners can. We both sat down and thought about what can be done.

She switched on her laptop and we browsed through the internet in hopes of finding something helpful. Just then we came across this amazing website. “Timesaverz: The Home Services Specialist.” They are the Home Service Specialists for all the niggling home chores ranging from cleaning, pest control, repairs & servicing, home interiors, painting & more. There were many positive reviews about the company so my cousin decided to give it a try.


Through their website, we decided to hire professionals for the wedding errands instead of running to various service providers. We hired a professional beautician for the wedding day. We also hired for the deep home cleaning service before the wedding. The hired executives arrived on time and finished all the work on time.

With the deep home cleaning option; the professionals cleaned the house; from, cleaning and disinfection of washrooms to cleaning all household appliances from floors to windows of every room manually as well as using modern equipment and eco-friendly materials. We just had to sit back and relax. The house was spick and span, spotlessly clean and sanitized.

The highly trained beauty specialists who arrived were an expert. She was excellent in her job, used branded products. The beauty expert helped the bride by doing her facial cleanup, make-up, hair styling and also helped her in the bridal saree draping. She made sure if the products are suiting the bride’s skin or causing any allergic reaction before proceeding. She was perfect in her task. My cousin was extremely satisfied and happy with the services.

The website was very easy to use and it was very convenient to make a booking. Using the Timesaverz app and with just a click of the button, we were able to hire a professional and trusted executive to carry out the services. The rates of the services were also transparent.


Timesaverz indeed acted as a life saver during this hasty wedding time. And we are extremely grateful to them for providing us with high-quality services and saving plenty of our time in return. In this fast paced life where it has come next to impossible to manage both household chores as well as office tasks, Timesaverz is a blessing. Are you getting married and your beautician canceled at the last minute? Is your house messed up after a party? Did you find bedbugs on your bed? Did someone drop cold drink on the sofa? Worry not! Just call Timesaverz.

Timesaverz offers a wide range of services to its customers. Whether it is just a leaking tap or your full house painting, whether it is fixing your laptop or cleaning your kitchen or cleaning a stained carpet, Timesaverz can do the task for you while you sit back and relax. Get your booking done as per your suitable time.


So just hire a professional from Timesaverz and while they do their work, you take your loved one on a special date. Timesaverz app available both on Android and iOS phones