The least talked about topic is Sexual Health and Wellness. When we hear the word sex, we immediately start feeling awkward. Why? In a country with 1.252 billion populations, it is very important to talk about safe sex.

Sex is a significant part of life, but it comes with certain risks too. Practicing safe sex means that you can more easily enjoy having sex with your partner. The number of sexually transmitted diseases is on a rise and thus practicing safe sex is very important in today’s world.

The most effective, safest and the best way to practice safe sex are through wearing condoms. There are a lot of questions being raised when it comes to wearing condoms during sexual intercourse. The stigma associated with buying condoms is still not vanished. While some men are sensible enough to carry and use condoms, others will try to persuade you to have sex without one. Using a condom shows you respect your partner. If he doesn’t value you enough to help both of you stay safe, is he really worth sharing intimacy with?

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Durex is the world’s No.1 brand of condoms. Durex has years of experience manufacturing condoms. All condom types are also dermatologically tested. If you feel you and your partner are ready to have sex, it is important to use protection every time. Protection is important, but so is the pleasure. Luckily, Durex condoms offer both!

Here are ways on how you can practice safe sex with

1. Safe To Use

Whether you are receiving or giving oral sex you should use a condom to prevent body fluids from being passed from one person to the other. Male condoms should be ok to be used for any kind of sex. Whether it is oral or otherwise, Durex condoms are safe to use. Compared to birth control pills, condoms have lesser to no side effects. Unlike pills and injections, the use of Durex condoms will never ever affect a woman’s menstrual cycle.  It is safe to be used during oral sex too.

2. Tested

Durex has years of experience manufacturing condoms. All condom types are also dermatologically tested.  Every single condom is electronically tested, to confirm freedom from holes, before being released for sale.  According to the tests, a Durex condom will typically expand to hold 40 liters of air without bursting.

3. Prevent pregnancy and diseases.

Yes, there are other forms of contraception out there. But Durex condoms help in preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. There are limited to no side effects and it is extremely safe to use.  Durex condoms also help in preventing sexually transmitted like HIV as well as against gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.

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4. Easily available

The Durex condom is easy to use, efficient and cheap. You certainly would not need any prescription from your doctor to use one. It is easily available at drugstores or online shopping sites. The best place to buy Durex condoms is from is an online condom shop to buy almost all brands of condoms available in India including all the variants of each brand. Buyers can browse through various brands and choose his or her choice quite easily.

5. Varieties

Durex condoms come in different sizes and assortments. From ribbed and dotted to our slightly thicker to extra thin condoms, Durex condoms are expertly designed a range of condoms created to enhance an individual’s sexual experience.

  • Latex condoms are the most commonly used rubbers out there.
  • Ribbed condoms have little-raised ridges running around them which have been strategically placed to create added sexual sensation.
  • Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both.
  • Textured condoms enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy leading to better confidence for both of you in your lovemaking, which goes a long way between the sheets.
  • Ultra-thin condoms provide all the sensation as well as the protection.
  • If you are allergic to Latex, you can go for non-latex condoms that can give you a natural skin on skin feeling.
  • There are also various flavored ones available with Durex.

Durex Condoms help you to improve performance along with increasing sense of responsibility. With its different types and makes, Durex condoms can make your experience pleasurable. Add more fun and adventure into those intimate moments with Durex.

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