The year, 2016 is coming to an end. We are just a few days away from the dawn of a new year.

Bringing in the New Year is the most amazing time of life. People, no matter where try their best to stay awake to do the final countdown. For many, New Year means celebrations and parties. Invitations have started flowing out in the society for various new Years’ party.

Many people especially teenagers and youngsters spend their end of the year at parties with friends. Me and my friends too have already prepared our schedule and got ourselves tickets for parties. Usually, end of the year parties is the biggest event of the year.

Many of times, people are confused as to what to wear.  They don’t want to wear too little or too much. New Year’s Eve Outfits Guaranteed to Get You Noticed. If there’s one night to bust out all the sparkles and shine, it’s New Year’s Eve.

Here is my suggestion and picks of some of the costumes you can rock at your New Year’s party.

  • Jeans it up

Most commonly used option for a party are your favorite jeans and a sexy top. For the end of the year party too, you can choose to wear your favorite ripped jeans. If you don’t have one, purchase slim fitting jeans that flaunt your curves. Pair it up with some beautiful shimmering blouse. Top it with a denim jacket. A jacket can really make your outfit stand out and it will also protect you from the cold winter weather.

Denim jacket

Infinity StoreS Army Green Jacket

Ladies Danghress

  • How about flowers!

Floral dresses and blouses are one of the best things to happen to humankind. Exhibit your fashion sense by putting on this wonderful silky floral dress. Top it with leather or a winter jacket if you wish. Wear the right heels because you got to conquer the world with your look.

Grey Multi-Color Floral Print Peplum Skirt.

Floral W.N.S.E. Pullover

Floral midi dress

  • Go formal

If you are in love with your job and prefer to spend the new years at your office party, you can go formal. But this is not limited to an office party. Rock your look with a blazer and a sexy tube top. Don’t forget to wear a necklace that really flaunts your neckline.

Mid Sleeve Two Piece Suit

Solid Color Blazer

Candy Blazers

Infinity Stores Black polyester dress with red short coat

  • Yay for bright colors

Neon colors are yesteryear. But if you love wearing bright colors, go for it. Don’t be scared to clash — scientists have found brighter clothes make you happier! Isn’t this the best way to start a new year? Purple, hot pink, baby blue, yellow, bright colored dresses are perfect whether donning a casual day look or rocking something edgy for the evening. Incorporating more colors in your New Year’s outfit will really help you stand out.

ZFashion Shraddha Kapoor Designer Pink  White Party Wear Crop Top Lehenga

Infinity StoreS Yellow Top With Floral Skirt

  • Go traditional

Not all parties need a casual look. Sometimes, you can make an entrance with the traditional and ethnic Indian outfit: Saree. Pick a saree of your choice, drape it in your style and voila, rock the party.

cotton Black Machine Work Semi Stiched Long Anarkali Suit

  • Length matters, or does it?

Long gowns are a favorite to many. They are perfect for special occasions and are a must have in your wardrobe. If the party you are attending is formal, you can choose to wear a long evening gown. But if you don’t like long gowns, pick a mini dress or a skater skirt.

Polyester-Lace Dress Asia71

Exclusive Designer Blue and White Dress



Smart White Mid Lace Maxi

  • Black is the answer

Last but the most important category of all, black. If you are in doubt and can’t select what to wear, go and pick up a black top or dress. Black is perfect for all occasions and can help make a style statement.



Have a great party and a wonderful new year.