We are always looking for discounts. When there are some huge sales to be held during the festival season, we gear up to get the best and desired products at a less rate. Most of the times, we get disappointed as these products run out of stock very soon.

But what if I said you could enjoy these discounts and take benefits of these flash sales every week. Shocked? Well, don’t be. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you Kraftly’s Uniquely yours.

Kraftly is one of the most trending shopping websites in India. From the name itself you can figure out what Kraftly offers. Kraftly is a marketplace for unique and hand crafted products showcasing the ethnicity and diversity of our beautiful nation. Kraftly proudly follows its motto: “Because Unique is what you deserve.”

Kraftly brings to you Uniquely Yours, a series Flash Sales with a Difference! These sales start every Thursday and runs till Sunday. Here, you can find 9 new exclusive boutiques every week. Loaded with beautiful apparel & accessories for women, kids and your home that have been sourced from all over the world, this sale exists for a limited time only! Not only this, you can also find other ethnic products here too.

A balanced diet of ‘Made in India’ culture with the spice of exuberance brewed in your tacky-wacky simplicity, Kraftly lines you in for handcrafted shopping experience.

What’s trending?

Pop Of Green

Greenery is very important for a healthy life as well as a healthy home. Our lives have become so dull and colorless due to all the stress and work pressure. Let’s add a little zist of color in our lives with this pop of green. Wake up every morning and serve yourself a hot cup of tea in this greenicious kettle.

Coffee Companion

Well, if your kettle needs a friend, here it is. The morning cup of coffee has a type of happiness about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. This joy needs to be enjoyed in the best way possible. Enter: Your Coffee Companion. This coffee mug has a Contemporary Peacock Print In Exquisite Color Combination

Foot Fetish

Well, girls and shoes are the two sides of the same coin. Marilyn Monroe Quotes, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” But there is no rule implying that these shoes should have heels. If you are one of those girls who wants to look trendy but don’t want to wear heels, this one is for you.  Introducing, a perfect pair of cutout oxfords with little essence of Indian touch with hand woven Ikkat and a non-slip rubber sole. Need I say more?

Dapper Dude

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to stay up to date with the current trends. Kraftly gives you this dapper dude collection for boys. This is a two piece cotton & denim clothing set for your little one.

Nature’s Wildside

You have had a tiring day. Now you just wanna dim the lights and create a romantic atmosphere at home. You want to give it a wild look connecting you with nature. Well, that’s what this lamp is meant to do. This Gnarled Wildwood Lamp brings a touch of nature’s wild side to your living space.

When you’re shopping with Kraftly, you can be assured of the quality of the materials. Shop with confidence as all payments are 100% secure and you can return your product hassle free if you are not satisfied.

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