I love babies. Those tiny hands, those tiny feet. I could just nibble them all day. The joy of waiting for the birth of a baby is indeed something that cannot be compared to anything. The expectant mother is showered with so much love and nurturance by those surrounding her.

Celebrating a baby shower is one of the most special occasions for the to-be-mommy. A baby shower is a gathering of friends and family who bring presents for the baby. Most women will register somewhere listing items that she wants for her baby. There is normally a little food served and games played.

It is mostly about the pregnant mommy to be and the baby. Showers used to be for women only but over the last several years a lot of men have been invited. Make sure that is the case before you bring one, though. If you can’t afford any items on her list, diapers and baby wipes are always needed and appreciated. It helps the parents not to spend all there money on the baby before its born, and everyone helps.

If you are invited to a baby shower and the expectant mother hasn’t informed you what she wants, you can land up in a pickle. But don’t worry, the internet is here to help you.

  • Clothing for the infant

You can pick up few dresses or t-shirts for the infant. Most of the time, the gender of the baby is not revealed and hence guests are confused as to what kind of clothing to gift. But, nowadays, there are many unisex clothes that can be worn by both, girls and boys. You can shop for such unisex clothing for the baby if you are worried about your selection.

  • Toys

If you don’t want to risk it with clothes, you can pick up toys. Go for soft toys and not something made out of plastic or having tiny pieces. Stay away from legos as the tiny lego pieces can be dangerous for infants. Teddy bears, soft dolls, and other stuffed animals are a good choice.

  • Gifts for Mommy

You can purchase a gift for the expectant mother. Get her a saree or some other clothing or a makeup set or jewelry. Or, you can gift her a gift card for a relaxing day like a day at the movie or spa. If you are not sure of these, simply gift her an online shopping gift card and she can purchase whatever she likes with it.

Image result for women clothing outfits

Image result for women clothing outfits

  • Baby Care Things

New mothers need a lot of important baby care things like diaper dispenser, nursing cloth, backpack to carry the baby, strollers, crib, etc. If you wish you can gift these things too.

  • Others

Sometimes, some people also give other common gifts like home decor, kitchen set, etc for the expectant mother.

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