Whether it’s your 18th, 21st or 30th, birthdays are special for everyone. I too will be celebrating my special day very soon. Looking the best on your birthday is very important.

Now I am not saying this for you to get all judgmental. You are not dressing for others but you are doing it for yourself. I wanted to compile a special post to help and guide you in choosing your birthday look.

In association with Kraftly, I present to you the post, “What Should I Wear on My Birthday?”  Kraftly is one of the most trending shopping websites in India. From the name itself, you can figure out what Kraftly offers. Kraftly is a marketplace for unique and handcrafted products showcasing the ethnicity and diversity of our beautiful nation. Kraftly proudly follows its motto: “Because Unique is what you deserve.”

 1. Go for a cute short dress

You can choose to wear a pretty dress. Short dresses are perfect if you are hosting a party for your friends and family at home. Here is one of my favorite dresses from Kraftly.com. This dress has a blend of cotton with self-design & print. You can wear it with your favorite pair of stilettos & solitaire ear studs tada you are ready to turn heads.


2) Dress For The Date

If your special someone is planning to take you out for lunch or dinner, you need to dress accordingly. Wearing a jeans and t-shirt for a date night is something that experts would frown upon. It’s your day after all and your special someone has done so much hard work to make it special for you. Treat yourself with love and put on that sexy little dress. After all, birthday or not, you gotta make him weak on his knees.

3) The Traditional Look

If you are planning for a traditional look, then you can choose to wear an ethnic Indian clothing. Don’t forget to put on the jhumkas and bangles and other jewelry. Saree’s or Anarkali’s or Simple Kurta’s, go for bright colors. You can also go for a bold color but make sure your clothing isn’t something to heavy like an Anarkali with lots of embroidery or artwork.

4) Western Wear Look

If you are a college student and are not a fan of dresses, don’t worry. I have something for you too. Pick your favorite jeans and pair it with a sexy top. The biggest problem that girls go through is that they don’t have clothes to wear. If you are one of those, head over here and pick your favorite top. Style your T-shirt with a stole or just go for a jumpsuit. For office wear, go for dresses. But if you are not comfortable with dresses, you can choose from a variety of blouses. You can also go for skirts and style them with shrugs or jackets.

Don’t forget to put on some makeup. Pair your jewelry with your dress and style your hair. Spray on some perfume, toss a few mints in your mouth and walk confidently outside.