I am taking a break from my regular posts to write something special. In a personal effort to express more gratitude in my life, today I am going to write a letter to my zindagi. I want to take a moment to pause and be grateful for what I have.

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.

Here is my heartfelt letter:

Dear Zindagi,

A lot is left unsaid between us. We both have come a long way together.  But there has hardly been any time where I stopped to thank you. I don’t know what to say.

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I would like to start by apologizing to you. You have been a true friend to me all my life and I failed to appreciate your value. When I was left alone by my friends and was going through an extremely rough time emotionally, I blamed you for everything. But, you stood by me. When I felt rejected and afraid, you helped me find hope and faith.

I never thought twice before blaming you for something. “Why me?” these questions were ready on my lips every time when even a tiniest bad thing happened. But for every good thing, I never stopped to say thank you.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second; I have just kept grumbling and blaming you for everything, even a mosquito bite or a pimple.

These days, there is much to be thankful for. But today, I found it important to be said to you. Out loud. Claiming and proclaiming. Thank You, Dear Zindagi!


Thank you for this wonderful journey you’ve given me; for every single second, you have blessed me with so many wonderful things. Thank you for shaping me with every challenge and triumph, every tear and tender moment. Thank you for always taking care of me; for always knowing what is best, especially when I don’t. I wouldn’t change a thing.

You have been an amazing life partner. You have been an amazing companion. You have been an amazing friend. It always fills me with happiness and the knowledge that I’m on the right path, all because of you.


Next, thank you dear zindagi for my friends and family, who love me no matter what. Thank you for my parents, who gave you to me. Or did you give me to them? They have taught me so much about you. They have taught me to love you. And yes I do.


Thank you for helping me during the tough times. During the time when I was low on self-confidence before the play audition, you helped me believe in myself. During the time when I was afraid before the exam and blanked out, you took care of my troubled mind. And look, I am a graduate!


Dear Zindagi, thank you for the little things that make me happy like colorful clothes, the smell of incense, movies, the sound of music and so much more.  Thank you for the jokes that made me smile and laugh. Thank you for my favorite TV series.

Thank you for introducing me to the blogging world. It helped me learn so many new things about myself. It helped me make new friends.  It helped me explore the world. It helped me have new adventures.

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Thank you for my career as a teacher, I love my students. It gives me great pleasure to help bring a positive change in someone’s life.

Dear zindagi, thank you for delicious food. I am so lucky not only to have enough to eat, but to be able to choose from such a variety of delicious flavors that rock my world, especially paani puri, Thank you for cake, ice-cream and chocolates; it is seriously some of your best work.

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Thank you for making Mumbai my home. Thank you for the seashore, the schools, the malls, the parks, my church, the place of which I am most reminded of the healing power of nature. Thank you for cool, clean drinking water, my comfortable, simple home, my neighbors and my partner.

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Continue to shower me with gifts beyond my wildest dreams. And I promise to appreciate you every day and tell you how special you are to me.

Seriously, life, thank you for being mine and thank you for choosing me to be yours. I love you.

With lots, lots and lots of love,