Our country is indeed very diverse. If you travel from north to south, you will find thousands of varieties of craftwork, food, clothing, etc. As Indians, we are indeed blessed to be born in such a beautiful and colorful country.

There are many talented people in our country. The delicate artwork, the beautiful paintings, the amazing embroidery, etc; these need to reach the world. People from rural regions who produce many different ethnic crafts and food products are always looking to reach a bigger crowd ad share their products. But, unfortunately, due to lack of resources, they cannot hit the bigger markets.

These ethnic products represent the beauty of our country and are unfortunately kept hidden from the world due to lack of adequate resources. If you are a seller going through a similar situation, I have some good news for you. Reach the international market with the help of Kraftly.com right away.


What is Kraftly?

Kraftly is one of the most trending shopping websites in India. From the name itself you can figure out what Kraftly offers. Kraftly is a marketplace for unique and hand crafted products showcasing the ethnicity and diversity of our beautiful nation. Kraftly proudly follows its motto: “Because Unique is what you deserve.”

How to sell on Kraftly?

If you are looking to sell your products internationally but don’t have enough funding to start your own shop or website, fear not. Kraftly helps sellers from all over India to reach the international market. Selling on Kraftly is no rocket science and anyone can start their online shop in a matter of minutes.

  • Sign Up As A Seller

The first thing that you have to do sign up as a seller. You can do this online through your PC or download the app and sign up through that. You don’t need to go through many formalities to sign up. A simple Facebook account can do the trick.

  • Verification

Next step is verification. You will have to complete your mobile and email verification. You will receive an OTP. Simply enter the OTP in the given column and click Verify.

  • Wallet Creation

Enter a unique password and create your Citrus wallet. All your payments would be settled through citrus wallet.

  • Enter store information

Next, enter all your store information. This can be your shop name, contact details etc. Also, don’t forget to enter your address. After this, your store will be created.

  • Personalize your store.

Add your unique logo, banners etc and personalize your store to suit your style.

  • Create listing

Go to My Shop and create a listing of all the products you want to sell. Upload your product image and details like color, size, etc. Also, choose appropriate category.

  • Other details

Enter other details like shipping details, transaction fees, number of days for the shipment, etc. Mention who will bear the shipping charges; you or buyer.

  • Conclusion

Complete the process by checking the final product price. Click on confirm if you are satisfied or back to make changes. You can view your listing and make changes any time with the edit option.

With Kraftly, you can share your products on social media channels and increase your sales. Kraftly also offers store management tools. If you feel stuck at any step, you can contact their customer care representative and they will guide you.

Happy selling with Kraftly.