Finally, you have finished your school life and the time that you had been waiting for such a long time has finally come. It’s college time. No more uniforms, no more ponytails, cut down on rules, etc. everything that you had been longing for.

College life is one of the best times of your life. And you need to enjoy it to the fullest. It helps you get real life experiences. You can travel and make new friends. You can meet new people and have wonderfully, fun and awkward experiences.

But college is not always about fun. Apart from all the fun, you also need to make choices that can help you define your career. Studies are an important part of your college life too.

When in college, your bag is usually lighter compared to your school days.  There are just a couple of those must-have items that you should have in your college backpack. With only a backpack (and maybe a purse) to carry all of your must-haves around, it’s important to utilize your limited space wisely. So I have made a post of the things that I used to have in my College Backpack. This can guide you with what items you can carry in your very own bags.

Let’s get started.

  • Notebooks

Most important thing in your bag. You need to carry notebooks to take down notes and important details. You don’t need to choose those boring old notebooks. Instead, you can carry some classy designer books. Here are some examples.

  • Text-Books

Textbooks are not a must in every college. Some colleges provide ready-made notes. But some colleges ask you to get your own textbooks. You can purchase your textbooks from any local stationary stores or from websites.

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  • Folders

If in case your college provides notes in the form of Xerox copies. You never know when you’re going to get handouts in class. You need to file them or put them in folders so that you don’t lose them.

  • Mini-Diaries/Sticky Notes

Apart from notebooks, you need to carry small or mini diaries. This is just to make a note of little things like purchasing something, doing some work, exam dates, birthdays etc. You may be wondering that you can take these down on your smartphone. But, remember, you don’t want your phone to get confiscated.

  • Tiffin

Colleges do have canteens.  But with thousands of students, they are usually very crowded and sometimes can run out of food. I know that junk food is SO tempting throughout the day, and it’s totally ok to have a little of that every now and then, but healthier foods are going to make you feel fuller and better when you’re sitting through those boring class lectures. So it’s better to carry your own backup tiffin.

  • Water Bottle

Again, carry your own water bottle. Staying hydrated is super important in college. Try not to drink from the college filter. Carrying around a water bottle is so much cheaper than buying bottled water every day. You can choose from some trendy bottles too.

  • Wallet

I don’t need to tell why you need to carry your wallet. This is self-explanatory. Isn’t it?

  • Stationery

This includes pens, pencils, calculators, pouches, etc. If you like to color code or highlight make sure you have a handful of your favorite markers or highlighters with you at all times, but besides that just make sure you have at least one pen and pencil in your bag.

  • Headphones

Imagine traveling for hours in a crowded and noisy Mumbai local without a headphone. Nightmare, isn’t it? Whether you use them to focus on work, to block out the world around you, or even just to make yourself look busy so people don’t bother you those are all valid reasons to carrying headphones around. So make sure you have a spare set of headphones in your bag.

  • Sunglasses

Mumbai sun is terrible. Make sure you carry your sunglasses to shield your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

  • Charger/Power Bank

Keep a power bank or a charger in your bag. You never know when your phone would run out of battery.

Image result for powerbank

  • Emergency Supplies

Carry some emergency supplies like sanitary napkins, tissues, hair pins, face wash, sanitizer, hair ties, deo, medicines, chocolates, umbrella, etc.

Image result for pocket tissues

Image result for daily hair accessories

  • Make-Up

Carry a chapstick, sunscreen, and a kajal. If you wish you can also carry a lipstick, powder foundation or any other makeup item too. Also, do carry a mirror.

  • Pen-drive

Also, carry a pen drive. You can carry your projects and assignments in it. Overall having a pen-drive with you is just a good backup just in case something goes wrong.

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