Well, nobody likes to work for 9 hours within four walls. We spend more time at our workplace than in our homes. At times the work can stress you out. But feeling at home or with the bright and lively environment around you, work life can get better. There’s something about working in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both refreshing and important.

A wise person once said, “They can take the cubicle out of your home, but you don’t have to let them take your home out of the cubicle.”

Why not bring a little of your décor style to your cubicle? A little pinch of décor can add a bowl full of positivity. Here are few ways you can redesign your cubicle.

  • A Trendy Lamp

Get rid of your boring lamp and get a trendy one instead.

  • Cool Posters

Do you have a favorite movie or TV series? Or maybe just a band or a motivational quote! Well, go ahead and paste a poster.

  • A Hip Clock

Get a hip clock to give your desk a cool look.

  • Plants

Nothing gives positive look can greenery. Get a plant!

  • Calendar

Say goodbye to the simple calendars filled with numbers and get a cool one instead.

  • Organizer

Put all your pens and stationery items in a handmade or crafted stand. Also, don’t forget to get a coffee mug!

  • A Shelf

With a shelf, you can arrange your books, keep your files and make space on your desk.

  • Chair

Give your chair a makeover.


  • Photo’s

Make a collage of your favorite photos and frame it with a fashionable frame.

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