So, I have come across many apps and websites that make promises of letting you earn when you use them. But I have personally not found any of them beneficial. Recently, I came across an app called DON – News, Stories & Deals App. I was really impressed with what this app has to offer its customers.

DON is a short form for Daily Offers and News. DON is currently available on android phones. DON offers the latest news and instant updates from reliable sources. Firstly, this app is easily available in the Google Play store for FREE!

Here is how you can install it:-

  • Go to this link
  • Download the app and install it on your android phone
  • Launch the app and click on “Get Started”.
  • Enter your phone number and email address.
  • You can also add our referral code, E32DC019 ,  and get Free Rs.15/
  • Verify your mobile number (it gets done automatically).
  • Browse, Enjoy, and Earn!

Five Reasons Why I Choose DON over other similar apps:

1. Live TV

I live in a joint family. With one TV available, there are multiple hands fighting for the remote. My mom wants to watch her daily soap, dad wants to catch some news, brother wants sports, uncle wants to watch old movies, aunt wants to watch some comedy show, etc. I usually don’t get to watch what I like and it’s mostly my dad, being the senior most people, getting his way through. With DON app, things have become easier. I have installed the app on my dad’s phone and now he can catch the latest news from anywhere. DON app has some leading news channels like ABP News, BBC World, DD National, India TV etc. Similarly, DON also has entertainment channels like B4U Music, B4U Movies, devotional channels like Aastha, local/regional news channels like ABP Majha, Raj News Malayalam, Raj News Telugu, Raj News Kannada, Raj TV, etc. There are many live tv apps like Live Channels app, mobiTV, etc. But the problem is buffering. Nobody likes to watch videos being buffered every now and then, well at least I don’t. The thing that impressed me the most about DON is you can watch Live TV uninterrupted which is something you rarely find in other apps. If you are looking to watch some uninterrupted buffer free videos, you can surely watch it here on DON!

2. Offers and Deals

Personally, I love to travel and to shop. But before making any purchases, I have to think ten thousand times, like LITERALLY! You too may agree with me that this happens to all of us especially Indians. If you open the Google Play store right now and type coupon codes, you will find multiple apps offering you discount coupons and showing you various offers. My experience with using these apps has not been good. Some months ago, I had to have daily trips to a doctor far away from my home. My mother was ill and I couldn’t take her in the crowded Mumbai trains. I used to ride in cabs. Daily long distance travels in these cabs is not an easy affair. I ended up downloading this one app from the Playstore which said it had discount coupons. But almost many of the coupons had expired. It was a waste of time and a big disappointment. During that course, I actually downloaded many apps offering discount codes but the maximum of them were useless. Similarly, their shopping offers were also not accurate. But I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from DON app. They have the latest discounts and offers in various categories like Fashion, Recharge & Bill Payment, Food & Dining, Travel, Mobiles, Tablets & Computers, Electronics & Appliances and more.

3. Earning

In today’s world, time is money. There are apps in the Google Playstore that guarantee to help you earn when you use them. For example, I had downloaded an app called Quick Earn Money. But turned out it was a scam. It wouldn’t payout after the threshold was reached and ads kept popping every now and then. Again there was another app called Daily Login Rewards-Earn Money which had good reviews. It paid out at the start but later stopped paying the money that I had earned after completing tasks. Also there are some apps which make you take unnecessary surveys to earn credits where you have to enter your personal details. This is not safe. But with DON, the case is different. First of all, you can actually see your earnings and track them. Once you reach the payout threshold, you can redeem the money anytime you want. Secondly, you don’t need to give your personal details or take suspicious surveys. You can safely earn and redeem your rewards without the fear of being hacked or exposed.

Here is how you can earn:

  • Receive a welcome bonus of Rs. 10/- when you login.
  • Earn Rs. 2/- as a usage bonus daily. Just browse for at least 5 minutes every day.
  • Participate in different contests and earn Rs. 2/-. You can earn Rs. 50/- if you win.
  • Refer the app to your friends and earn Rs. 10/- Your friend on the other hand also earns Rs. 15/-
  • Install, Register and Use an app through DON and earn an extra Rs. 5/-
  • You Need Minimum Rs. 30/- For Prepaid & Rs. 100/- For Post-paid To Redeem Wallet Balance.


4.News and Entertainment

No news can be trusted unless it comes from a reliable source. Many of us fall victims to the fake celebrity death news or many other hoaxes. My friend had a news app from where he got to know that the Pope is all set to visit India in the first week of September. He obviously didn’t cross check it and went around telling people about this. When he came to know the truth, he felt embarrassed. There are newspapers and news channels having their own apps. But nobody wants to download so many apps in their phone! DON offers the latest news from the reliable sources at one stop. Also, you can catch some jokes and memes here too. So rather than downloading a separate app for separate purpose, download DON, where you can find everything under one store.

5. Space saver and easy to use

DON app is not huge in size. You can download it and still have ample of space remaining for other purposes. Also, it is easy to use. You can easily navigate from one page to another or browse through news, deals or jokes. The contests held here are simple too. You can submit your answers with one click. You don’t need to wait for months for the results. Results are announced on the given time and if you win, the prize money is directly transferred into your account immediately. You can also customize the news based on your interests. So if you are a sports fan, you will find the latest sports news on the top of the charts. Similarly, if you are a movie maniac, you can find the latest activities in the celeb world on your homepage.

Some Amazing Features about DON – News, Stories & Deals App:

  • Catch the Latest and Instant International and Local News and Updates from Reliable Sources
  • News available in two languages; Hindi and English
  • Watch uninterrupted Live TV and enjoy channels ABP News, B4U Music, B4U Movies, BBC World, DD National, India TV, Aastha, ABP Majha, Raj News Malayalam, Raj News Telugu, Raj News Kannada, Raj TV, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
  • Tickle your ribs with and be entertained with Memes & Jokes!
  • Participate in contests every Wednesday and Saturday!
  • Earn through the app. Redeem your earnings through quick recharges.
  • Discover offers in various categories like Fashion, Recharge & Bill Payment, Food & Dining, Travel, Mobiles, Tablets & Computers, Electronics & Appliances and more.
  • Enjoy Latest and Verified Coupons, Deals, Offers and Discounts from your favorite brands.
  • Customise News based on your Interests and Categories.
  • Follow the topics that interest you and be up to date with the happenings.
  • Read Viral Stories, Catch Celebrity Gossips as well as Watch Videos.

There are ample of reasons to download this amazing apps. So what are you waiting for! Install the app now and have fun! Happy Earning!