From the very beginning, Kareena has been breaking so many stereotypes. Today, she is considered as one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities not only in India but also the world.

From the moment she got married to Saif Ali Khan, the society has been tagging various names to her but she has been dealing with every situation like the queen she is. She has a reputation for being outspoken and assertive and is recognized for her contributions to the film industry through her fashion style and film roles. Her recent film Ki & Ka is a fitting example of her breaking the stereotypes.

Immediately after her wedding, the media started asking her various questions about her career. Her off-screen life was always the subject of widespread coverage in India. She has gained a reputation for discussing her private life with no reservations. She is known for her easygoing relationship with the media.

From the time she got married, the world kept pestering her about her plans to be a parent. Her private life has been the subject of media attention in India, with frequent press coverage of her weight, pregnancy, and relationship with actor Saif Ali Khan. She has been proudly showing off her baby bump. No other Bollywood actress had ever done it the way she does it.

She is the poster girl for breaking stereotypes in a royal way. In July 2016, she confirmed to the media that they were expecting their first child, due in December 2016. From proudly flaunting her baby bump on the ramp to telling people that pregnancy isn’t a disease, she has been a role model to so many women around the globe. Everything from whether she’ll continue acting before/after delivery to determining the sex of her child has been foolishly asked to her by various media channels.

“The most important thing is that pregnancy should not be looked upon as some sort of disease of any kind. It’s the most beautiful phenomenon that can happen to a woman… I would continue to do as normal things as everybody else because that’s what it is,” Kareena recently shared with IANS. The couple had been pestered about the gender of their baby.

Kareena recently extended her support to the Global Citizen Movement, where she spoke about certain questions that have bothered her. “Wherever I go these days there is just one question asked which I think is quite intrusive but, still I am asked both me and Saif whether it is a boy or is it a girl? Have you found out? And I am like excuse me what difference does it make. I am a girl child I would love to have a girl what is the difference. Probably I have done more for my parents than a son would.”

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