Welcome back to my blog. I am back with a product review after a very long time.

So recently I received a goodie box with two products for testing and review from a website called as the Home Testers Club. In exchange, I was asked to share my honest opinion about the products. In this post I will be reviewing the first product.




Green tea is loaded with many benefits and when I received this product I was very excited to test it and review it.

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Here are the ingredients that the product consists:


What’s in the bag?

The product that I received had 10 tea bags. These tea bags come in a cute box. Each tea bag is individually packed.

My Review:-

The first thing that you notice when you open the box is the sweet fennel fragrance. This green tag bag is specially designed for people who want to lose their weight.

I have been using this product for a week now. Of course I wont be able to see any major difference in my weight right now because for that you need to use a product for a long time on a regular basis.

My experiences with green tea have not been good. I used to drink green tea but I would feel a bit izzy after consuming it. Plus the taste was very bitter and I would find it very difficult. But this green tea taste is not that bitter. You can drink it without feeling eeky.

I also felt very light after drinking this product and it was very refreshing. I have not experienced any side effects. The green tea indeed flushes out the toxins from your body. The best way to enjoy the product is without any sugar or milk but if you are not comfortable with the bitterness, you can add honey.

I am continuing to consume “VLCC SLIMMERS HERBAL INFUSION with GREEN TEA” and I will be updating this review after few months to tell you if I could find any changes in my weight. Of course, by drinking only green tea you won’t lose weight. You need to follow a proper diet and also exercise. I have made note of these things. I will be back with an update and another review soon.

Do watch my “VLCC SLIMMERS HERBAL INFUSION with GREEN TEA” review video here: