When you get up one fine day and tell the people around you that you no longer want to do that you have been doing for such a long time but instead want to change your career field, you got a bunch of questions and advices are thrown on you.

That’s exactly what had happened to me. When I decided to skip fields, it came as a shock to everyone around me. Taking such a big step wasn’t easy for me to. I spent sleepless nights wondering if I was taking the right decision. Jumping from a job that would stress me out to my dream job might seem easy. But when you have to wait for two years before you start earning, the thought worries you.

I needed strength to stick to my decision. But I couldn’t gather it. That’s when my friends and my family came into the picture. Their advice helped me to make my decision and it’s because of their help I am here, happy with whatever I picked.

When I was tensed about my decision, my parents sat me down and told me that whatever I decide it will be with me forever. I can decide to stay at my current job and just skip organisations or leave it to do something you love. It motivated me to quit my job to do something I love.

But I quit early. It was just the month of September. The entrance exams for my college would be held in the month of April-May and hence I would have to wait for another year. I told my friends about this. The one thing that my friend said was, “You feel bad that you are wasting a year now. But imagine this; almost 50 years later when you retire, you will be glad for this break that you took.”

And that was true indeed. As I said in the earlier post, I am happy with my decision today thanks to the people who supported me.

And I would like to give some advice to my readers that I received:-

First of all, it is very important that you have faith in yourself. Believe in your talents and your gut feeling. Next, make a plan. You can’t achieve your goal overnight or by shooting arrows in the air. You need a plan. It will help you keep going. Also, failure is a stepping stone to success. So if in case you fail, don’t give up on your dream. If you are lost, talk to someone. Maybe your parents or mentor or a trustworthy friend.

But most importantly, never stop following your dream. Give your heart and soul to it and you will see the results.