Growing up we all have dreams. Some of us dream of becoming a superstar and rich whereas others dream about becoming an inspiration and setting an example and changing the world. I remember in school when we were kids and asked what we wanted to become when we grow up, there were answers like doctor, actor, cricketer, etc. Because those were the handful of professions we were aware of and we were under the impression that it is easy to get into those professions.

But slowly as we grew up we were hard hit by the realities. Getting into a high profile profession is no piece of cake and this hard hitting truth broke many of our dreams and we instead decided to settle down for something sensible and within our reach.

I’m not saying we weren’t able to achieve those high set goals but the hard hitting truth was that to achieve these goals we needed something called as money. Lots of it.

To be a doctor or an actor, we needed lakhs of rupees. Most of our parents couldn’t afford this. And they would still try but we couldn’t see them spend their savings and everything for our dreams. So killing our dreams we took up other common professions.

When I was a child, I was very confused about my career choices. One day I would want to be a doctor whereas another day I would want to be an actor. After my SSC, I had the choice of picking any stream I want.

For my family, arts was a very menial stream and according to them only those who can’t study take up arts whereas science was considered only for the best and the riches. Commerce was a common middle class man’s stream. Of course, they didn’t know much about any stream as they were not much educated.

I went with the flow of what my friends were choosing, I chose commerce. My parents were disappointed with my choice as they wanted me to be an engineer because many of my relatives have taken that field. They were ready to spend as much as they can afford and even take up loan if needed to pay my fees. But I didn’t want that. I had a younger sibling too. So, looking at the complete scenario, I was happy with my choice.

I graduated in a banking field and after that got lost. While I was in my degree college, I wasn’t comfortable with the business environment. I used to teach kids in school part time and that gave me a special kind of happiness.  Office jobs are very stressing and within the first month I was all “no no no.” So eventually, I gave up my job, and decided to do my studies in education to become a teacher.

Initially, it came as a shock to my parents. But they supported my decision and encouraged my to take the step towards my goals. My friends helped me in the admission process. They advised me about good colleges and guided me through the difficult times.

My dream became a reality. I am so happy with my profession that words can’t express. The quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” is indeed true. That is the one advice that mattered.

My dream wouldn’t have been a reality if it weren’t for my parents. And the motivation from my friends. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals…

 “I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”