When I was in kindergarten, my whole class was my friend. I would share my tiffin with every single person even if this meant there was nothing left for me. When I came to STD II, my family moved to another town and I changed school. The one thing I never found difficult was making friends.

On my first day in my new school I was quick at making friends. By the end of the day I had become best friends with this one girl. By the end of the month I had my own cool gang. When I used to see my friends outside of school at a mall or some other place, I would call out to them till they saw me even though my mom would stare at me angrily. We would be so happy to meet each other and would talk and talk like we met after years but in reality we were together some hours ago at school.

Then we became teenagers and in came the slam books. We never had readymade slam books. We would make our own by drafting many questions and decorating the book and passing the book around our friend circle. There was this question where my friends had to leave a message for me and many of them wrote, “We would stay in touch no matter what. We would grow old together and remain best friends,” and many more such everlasting promises.

Some of us were in the same tuition classes. Every day after our classes ended we would run to the nearby chat stalls to eat pani puri’s. We even had competitions to see who could eat the maximum number of pani puri’s. We would save our pocket money to buy a cake or a gift for someone in our group. The gift would be very small but the joy was real. On my SSC farewell, we were so depressed to let each other go. Multiple group pictures were never sufficient. We made a deal that we would stay in touch no matter what.

But who knew things wouldn’t be the same. With new adventures come new friends. And while making new friends we usually forget about our old ones. Time only takes us farther away. Ego adds to it. If he doesn’t care to message me why should I?

Today, the person who was my best friend for almost ten years doesn’t even talk to me. I don’t even know where she is or what she does. The people whom we surprised on their birthdays have become strangers. The only way we know about someone’s existence is through Facebook.

So I would like to tell something to my old friends with whom I have lost touch especially my best friend,

“I know time has taken us far away. There was a time when we were inseparable. You remember when my mom didn’t allow me to go to the movies with you so you came home to convince her and wouldn’t give up till she said yes and when she didn’t agree you also protested by not going. And the time we got lost in the maze at the park.

And the time when some boy would trouble me and you would threaten to break their bones. And then how we used to finish each others tiffin like it’s our own. How we never even thought about asking each others permission before taking each others things or going through personal stuff. And the time we were punished by the teacher because we couldn’t stop laughing about a dirty joke.

We have indeed shared golden moments together. I know you have gone far away. previously, when we fought we would make up within seconds but then the fights just got longer and longer till one fine day it ended our friendship. Our ego didn’t allow us to stay in touch. Time and new people filled the gap we left in each other’s life. With every passing second we just drifted far away from each other and today I don’t even know where you are or how you have been.

This friendship day, I just want to tell you something. Thank you for spending special times with me and giving me amazing memories. Thank you for being there for me when I was lost. Thank you for everything you did. Without you my life may not have been the same.

Let’s meet up again and return to the old times. Let’s restart from where we left of on the good note.

I don’t know if this letter reaches you or no but if it does I would just like you to know I was glad to have you in my life.”

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’