Who is a performer?

A performer is a person who entertains an audience. This can be anyone ranging from an actor, comedian, thespian, artist, entertainer, trouper, player, musician, singer, dancer, etc.

Most of us think that performers live a very lavish life. People think that everything in the life of a performer is very easy. But this is not the truth. No one knows what happens when the curtain falls down.

Life of a performer is very difficult. They suffer a lot of pain. They have to face a lot of struggle to get a good opportunity. In this post I would be highlighting the hardships faced by a performer.

To understand the hardships, I personally went and spoke to 4 of the performers I know. Among this is a mother of an actor, a dancer, a musician/singer, and a sketch artist.

Most of us, during our teenage, must have imagined becoming a superstar. Whenever we see Shahrukh Khan on the big screen, we always think to ourselves, “I wish my life was like his!”

But nobody knows the stories of how Shahrukh became who he is today. The romantic idea of being an actor is far different than the reality, which can often be brutal. In order to get an opportunity to be a part of a project, an actor has to go through multiple numbers of auditions. The film industry can be challenging and sometimes ruthless.

Most of the times, people from small villages leave their homes and migrate to the cities in search for some acting opportunity. The whole struggle starts with finding a place to live. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, it isn’t easy to find a house within our budget. People usually end up living with a room-mate.

The next is finding a source of income. It is difficult to get big shot roles in the first try itself and the income received from the small background roles isn’t enough to pay the bills. The struggling actors usually end up doing some part time work which helps them pay their bills.

The audition itself is another terrible process. No matter who you are, an actor, a singer or a dancer, it isn’t easy to get a break through unless you have a Godfather. Many a times, performers face casting couch. Sexual advances are made toward them in return for some fake promise. Many performers face this sexual abuse thinking that they would get a chance to be a superstar. It’s only later they realize it was fake.

Some performers make it big. But they now have the challenge to stay there. If you don’t get to the top and stay on top, you are considered a failure. Your performance matters. If your movie doesn’t make it big, nobody would even care to hire you. Life of a performer is unpredictable. One day you could be number one and the next day nobody will even recognize you.

You may be wondering, “What problems will a sketch artist face?” Well, from my research I can tell you that they go through more hardships as compared to an actor.

Technology has come a long way. There are so many apps on the internet for every single thing. People now a day’s prefer using these apps rather than hiring a sketch artist as they are cheap. Previously, police would hire sketch artists if they wanted to sketch some person. But now they prefer using photo editing apps to make their work easy, quick and more accurate.

Doesn’t matter what type of performer you are, you have to face a lot of struggle. The relationship of pain and performer is very deep and there is no running away.

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