When was the last time your child told you a story?

Think about it. When was the time when your child told a story about his or her imaginary friend or the adventures of their toys? When was the last time your story played with his imaginations and thoughts to create amazing characters rather than just playing Pokémon Go or Candy Crush or some other game on the cell phone.

With the improvement in technology, I feel our children are losing their creativity. I mean just look at it, if our child is given homework like writing an essay or preparing a craft or drawing something, what do we do? We immediately Google it. Whatsapp has even made sharing homework easier. Even schools now days have e-boards and projectors that show documentaries and videos to the kids to explain them their textbook stuff.

Back in my school days, there were no projectors or e-boards. We had the Nokia Black and White phones which were good for just incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Internet was available at cybercafés and only the blessed had computers with internet in their houses. When we were taught lessons, we would use our imaginations. We create a movie in our minds on how Shivaji must have fought the wars or how man must have evolved from an ape, etc.

As a parent doesn’t it worry you that your child is somewhere losing his creativity or imaginative powers? Well, it’s not yet late. Your child can revisit his or her imaginative world once again with your help. Avoid or limit the usage of digital world and let your child explore his imaginative world with this toys, books or stories. It’s time to unlock their imagination.

Colgate is here to help your child reconnect with his or her dream world. With the collection of mystical characters in the Colgate collectible packets, help your child explore his/her creative side and tell you a story. The new 4 different collectible packs of Colgate Strong Teeth packs come with interesting sea creatures & some trivia inside them. Along with creativity, your child can also learn some interesting facts.


I am not a parent yet, but I do have niece. I received the four fun filled collectible packs from Colgate and rushed to my niece to give it to her. We both got together to come up with a story where we went on some amazing adventures on our quest to find the lost treasure. Here is our story:-

“Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a pirate named Jack Blackbeard. He had spent his whole life wandering in the sea on his ship looking for treasures. But he had failed to find anything.


So he finally gave up and came to the shore. He built a small house on the shore and started to live there. He made friends with a parrot who became his companion. He named the parrot Beck. They both spent times together and Jack taught Beck some tricks.

One fine day, he found bottle with a message washed up on the shore. The message contained a map for a treasure that had been hidden by some old pirate who died at sea after being eaten by a shark. To reach the treasure, Jack had to cross few hurdles. So Jack got his ship ready and set sail along with his pal Beck, to find the hidden treasure.


On his way he came across a first hurdle, a huge shark. The shark was waiting for his prey to pass by. At once, he attacked the ship. He would not let them pass. Jack got into an epic battle with the shark and defeated it. He moved ahead.


At a distance, he saw an island. There was a small girl named Jinnie on that sitting who was crying. Jack and Beck went to the girl only to find out her ship drowned when a storm came and her father, the pirate, died. Jack felt bad for her and let her come with him on his journey.

Jinnie’s father was looking for the same treasure and said that the queen of the sea holds the key to it. Jack knew who the Queen of the sea was. But to find her he had to swim deep into the ocean and he couldn’t breathe under water. Just then, Jinnie told Jack that her dad had a magic potion that helped him breathe under water and he had given it to her too. She handed over the bottle with magic potion and Jack drank it at once.


Jack jumped into the ocean with the map while Jinnie and Beck stayed on the ship. In the ocean, he found many fishes swimming here and there. At a far distance there was a castle. The queen of the sea lived in it.

He swam towards the castle and found it was guarded by a huge whale and other fishes. The queen sat on the top of the castle on her throne.  She was a mermaid. Jack asked her to give the key to the treasure. But she said, “Before I give you the key, I want you to complete three puzzles!” Jack agreed.


The queen gave her first puzzle, “Find me a horse that can’t run!”

Jack at once went to find the answer. He took found the sea horse and presented him to the queen. The queen then gave her second puzzle, “I am protected by my own clothes under danger and live long. Find me.”

At once, Jack went and found the queen a sea turtle and presented it to her. Lastly, the queen gave him the last puzzle, “No brain, no head, yet I have eyes. Get me that thing.”

Jack found a star fish and presented it to the queen. The queen gave Jack a key and told him, “Behold the key to the treasures that many wait to gain, but be warned, of the spy with three hearts that protects it, don’t let your journey go in vain.”


Jack thanked the queen and went ahead to find the treasure. After swimming for long he found a treasure chest. He became happy and swam to it when out of nowhere appeared a huge octopus. Jack and the octopus had a big fight. The octopus used his tentacles and Jack used his knife. After a great battle, the octopus gave up.


Jack got the treasure. He picked it up and swam to his ship. On his ship, he opened it using the magical key. The treasure chest was filled with gold and silver. Jack, Jinnie and Beck became very happy. They went to the shore. Jack gave Jinnie a share of the treasure and helped Jinnie reunite with her mother.

Jack and Beck bought luxuries with the treasure and lived happily ever after.”