Children are the apple of their parent’s eye. From the very moment a mother comes to know about the child in her womb, she fights numerous battles in order to keep her child safe and healthy. Early childhood development is considered to be the most important phase in the life of a child. This is not only limited to the development of a child’s mind but also a child’s body.

I have seen many parents continuously worrying about their child’s improper weight and height. As a teacher, I myself have noticed the stunted growth of a child and the concern in the parents that it brings along. Parents have told how they have tried so hard yet failed and hence given up. I have a student who excels in studies as well as sports but lacks self confidence because of his short height and thin body.

A child’s growth can be calculated using this growth calculator.

Along with the mental development, a child’s physical development is equally important. Many doctors have stressed on the fact that a child should have proper height and weight as per its age. That’s the reason why doctors usually check a child’s weight. A proper weight and height of a child is a sign of good health.

Most of the time parents don’t realise what is the thing that they are doing wrong. Hence in this post I would like to address what it is that causes improper growth and why it is important to catch up on lost growth.

  1. The first point about improper growth is the amount of nutritious food that a child eats. A proper diet is very important for a proper growth. Children hate healthy food and love junk. My own nephew doesn’t touch green leafy vegetables. Meal time is usually like a battle with the mother forcing him to eat his veggies and him fighting her back. His mother packs junk in his school tiffin just because he doesn’t eat homemade healthy food. This affects his health and has also stopped his growth.
  2. If a child falls sick or ill continuously, it affects his or her development. Fruits and vegetables are vital for good wellbeing and needs to be included in a child’s diet even if the child likes it or no. Foods that help children grow are beans, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, grains and pulses. The daily inclusion of animal-source foods in the diet is particularly essential.
  3. Sometimes, the growth of a child may also depend on the genes and maybe something hereditary. If the parents of a child are not very tall people, the child may also not get proper height. The production of the hormones necessary for the growth of a child maybe very low resulting in the child’s lost growth.

How can a child catch up on his or her lost growth?

There are various products available in the market that promises to improve a child’s health but most of them are just words and not actions. But there is one product in the market that has delivered what it promised.

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Why Horlicks Growth+? 

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