Looking for a new mobile? Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? This post is for you.

Finding the perfect phone can be difficult. There are so many options out there. When we make the decision of purchasing a new mobile, we just don’t immediately go ahead and purchase the first thing we see. Instead, we spend hours or days or even weeks to do a thorough research before concluding to a decision. But what if I told you, you could purchase a perfect mobile without any research hassles!

A group of IIT Alumni’s have recently launched a new start-up website that helps people in figuring out which electronic device (Mobile / Tablet / Headphone etc.) to buy based on their needs and preferences. This website is called AspectWise. AspectWise uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to generate a summarized view of the hundreds of user reviews for any product, so that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision within a matter of seconds, and avoid regretting later.

Apart from this, AspectWise also shows genuine user opinions and derived ratings about each aspect of a gadget, and also how it compares to the user opinions on other products in a similar price range.

Let me guide you through purchasing a product from the website:

  • Firstly, go to the website. You can click here to go to the website.


  • You will find 5 options namely; mobile, headphone, speaker, laptop and tablet. Choose the desired option; in my case, a mobile.
  • After this, on the same page, you’ll find a price option. Select your desired price range and scroll down. I am here searching for a phone within the budget of Rs. 10000/-. So I add the value of Rs. 10000/- in the Price Range Column.
  • Next you’ll find some common features that a user looks for before purchasing a phone. Select the feature(s) you’re looking for. Since I am a heavy user and I am looking to buy something comfortable to use, I will choose these option. As a blogger, I need a good quality phone camera too, so I have also selected Camera Lover. Also, playing games is the best way to kill time in long train journeys in Mumbai, so I select gamer too. (You can see this in the screenshot below.) If you feel that these options are not enough and you want more, don’t worry. You will find more options too. I will explain how in the further point.


  • Press the button that reads “Find the Best Mobiles for me! and bingo! You will find, not one or two or five but, an amazing collection of the best mobile phones under Rs. 10000/-  with a detailed list of all its features, pro’s and con’s and customer feedbacks and ratings. I have taken a screenshot of the first phone i.e. Honor 4X which has one of the top ratings. You can see the price comparison from three leading E-Commerce websites along with the reviews and ratings of the users.


  • Down on the bottom you will also find three more choices. When you click on the aspects column you will be able to find some more mobile characteristics that I had mentioned earlier in point 4. Also, filters column will help you find some common functioning features like battery life, operating system etc, from which you can further choose from. Price refers to your price range.



The process is similar when it comes to choosing a particular headphone, speaker, laptop or tablet. As a customer, when I tried this website, I was really impressed. With saving time and effort, this website also aims to help you find the best mobile in your budget range. They also provide detailed specifications of the phone, user reviews and sellers list too.

Isn’t this amazing! The users don’t have to worry about conducting a research and this saves a lot of time, effort and tension. Easy to use, this website can be accessed by anybody, old and young.

An innovative idea and a remarkable website, AspectWise will surely be my no. 1 choice for purchasing a mobile or a laptop or any electronic accessory. You can go ahead and try it out too here.