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Father’s Day is right around the corner and what is a better way to celebrate it than by getting your dad a personalised homemade gift. It would not just be surprising but it would be far better than all those common Father’s Day gifts available in the market. This could be your chance to be original, creative and the loving son or daughter your dad always believed you were.

Here are a plenty of brilliant gift ideas for Father’s Day you can choose from!

Handmade card

Nothing can beat a sweet handmade card when it comes to presents. It is one of the best fun gift ideas for Father’s Day. The lovely hand written messages with cute drawings will make this homemade gift simply adorable.

DIY with Playing Cards that says “52 Reasons Why You Are The Best Dad In The World”

Your dad will find this gift the cutest amongst all the Father’s Day gifts you are planning to get him.  And it’s easy, just get a pack of cards and convert it into an art. This is how you can do it:-

  • Punch hole at the exact same position on one corner of all 52 cards.
  • Tie the cards with a ribbon.
  • Now measure the size of playing card and cut out equal sizes of glazed/cardboard/handmade sheets and paste in front of the cards.
  • Brainstorm and write one reason of “Why Your Dad Is The Best” on each card.
  • Decorate the front of the gift book and your present is ready!

Pen Holder from Ice Cream Sticks

This could be a fun homemade gift idea for Father’s Day. You have ample time so start collecting all the ice creams sticks you can and glue them together to create a pen holder. Create its base with an old coaster at home. Finish off the pen holder by painting it with poster colours and some accessories you want to paste on it. You can even stick a cut-out of you and your dad’s photograph at the front.


This is one of the most popular gifts ideas for Father’s Day. Get a permanent marker and give an artistic touch to your dad’s plain and boring coffee mug. Make a moustache and colour it or draw caricatures of you and dad or simply write “You are the Best Dad” on it and your gift is ready!

“I Heart Dad Key Chain” from Air Drying Clay

Want to add another fantastic present to your Father’s Day gifts? Create a 3-D art of “I Love Dad” Or simple “DAD” key chain by using clay. Poke a hole in corner and let it dry. Now insert a key chain and paint it. You are done!


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