He came home from work, threw his socks and shoes here and there, switched on the sports channel and asked his wife to get him a glass of chilled cold drink.

It had been almost 8 years for their marriage. They met in college and had been inseparable since then. Eight years ago, on this day he had promised to be with her through good and bad times and to support her in everything and to love her no matter what. But with years, this promise seemed to have faded away.

His wife works an eight hour shift every day, takes care of their kids and parents as well as the housework and never complains about anything. She does all the work without grumbling no matter how tired she is. She even works when she is ill.


Few days ago, they had a fight because she forgot to pack his tiffin because of all the housework. In anger, he told her that she can’t even do a single thing properly. This hurt her a lot but she knew he was tired and just hungry. However he apologized later that night.

Today, as he took a sip from his chilled cold drink, he just turned his eyes and had a look at his wife. She was still in her office uniform and was running around the house doing various chores. She came near him, had a look at him, nodded her head and picked up his socks and shoes and placed them on the rack. She later kept his office bag in the cupboard and continued with the remaining household chores.

His son was watching all this. He left his scattered toys and jumped on the sofa to join his father in watching the match. People would often tell him that his son was his Xerox copy. His son would imitate whatever the father would do and people would end up saying, “Aww, how cute! Like father, like son!”

Little did he realize, his behavior was creating a permanent image in his son’s mind. And that’s when he realized his mistake. He got up and asked his wife to take rest. He took the broom from her hand and started sweeping the house. His wife was shocked to see him work. Soon, seeing him work, his son also joined in to help by picking up his toys and keeping them in his toy box.

They cleaned the entire house and let the wife rest. They made sure to divide the work among themselves and not let the wife do the whole chores alone. This way they even helped their child learn that the house chores is not a woman’s job alone.

In the world, the fight for equality continues. We have no idea how long the struggle for equality between castes, creeds, genders, etc will continue. But we can change the world one step at a time by diminishing inequality in our households. This can start by a simple step like sharing the daily chores like laundry. The future is watching us and we have the power to shape it. Let’s set an example for our future generation by instilling the right values of gender equality in them.

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