When you’re asked to write down your full name, how would you write it?
First Name            Fathers Name              Surname
Am I right? This is so common. Ever wondered why we write our father’s name and not our mothers? The use of father’s name as the middle name has been trending from generations. No one knows where and how it all started. Very rarely do we see a mother’s name being used as the middle name. But, there are few people out there who use their mother’s name as their middle name.

On Saturday, 7th May, 2016, Bajaj Electricals rolled out their Mother’s Day campaign with the film ‘Rightfully Mom’s’. This was a wonderful way to start the mother’s day celebration.

The film revolved around a mother, her son, and their interactions on popular social platforms. It focused on how mothers, these days, try to keep up with the busy lifestyles of their children.

The film also depicted one little gesture, which took the internet by storm. Here’s the film:

Since its release, thousands of people have taken to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to add their mothers’ names to their own display names on social media.

This included celebrities, media personnel, sportsmen and a host of other popular names.

On the idea behind the campaign, Beena Koshy, Vice President, Bajaj Electricals Ltd. said, “Rightfully Hers is our way of paying tribute to all those beautiful moms out there for caring, nurturing and being there for us, making us what we are today. Happy Mother’s Day. We believe that many a times all it takes is just a small gesture on our part to make our moms happy. We urge all to just add your mom’s name to yours and see her glowing with pride and happiness. For us it is a natural extension to our current campaign of ‘We are family’”.

Within two days, the film has garnered over 2 million.

Abhishake Das, ECD, ibs said, “The whole idea came from our own personal lives, and how we, as children, often get way too caught up in our daily lives and lose focus of what’s really important. And that’s family. Mother’s day was a perfect excuse to tell this story, and give our mothers the love, respect & recognition that’s rightfully hers. Hopefully, it’ll bring smiles the mother’s faces, and give us a chance to show how much we celebrate being their children.”

So now that mother’s day is over, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do something special for your mother. A lot is left unsaid between us and our moms. It’s never too late to do something special for her.