Indians love tea. Tea manufacturing and consumption is three times more than that of coffee in India. Tea is of Indian origin and should get the title of India’s national drink. We start our day with a cup of hot tea, no matter what weather or season it is.

Monsoon season is just months away. The joy of sipping hot tea while watching rain is a special kind of feeling. But the question is which tea should I try? Ginger tea? Or Masala Tea? Why not try different flavours of tea each day? There is one such place where you can get a wide variety of tea. is a leading online gourmet food marketplace. It is India’s first curated marketplace that helps consumers discover and access specialty Indian foods, ethnic foods, and regional specialities products from across the country. Here, all food products are sourced directly from the producer and delivered direct to the end-consumer.

Here you can find an exclusive variety of tea. These are some collections you will never find in your regular grocery store or in the super market. From Balanoor Leaf Tea to Vanilla Tea the list is endless.

If you’re on a diet and trying to lose weight, you can try the Long Island Green Tea. If you want to try the taste of heavens, you can try the Indian Rose Tea. If you feel like spicing things up, well, Chilli Chai Black Tea is here for you. The diversity is endless. Here, a special tea is available for every mood.

If you’re not a tea person and you prefer drinking coffee, don’t worry, they have got something for you too. Coffee from the Nilgiris, Rich Hazelnut Cream Coffee, Rain Song Dark Roast Coffee, French Vanilla Coffee, the list is endless. I am sure, if you’re addicted to coffee, you will immediately fall in love with what this website offers you.

Collection of amazing tea and coffee from all over the world can be found on this website. If you’re looking for some munchies to have with your tea or coffee, that’s available too.

Khakra, Chivda or Dry fruits, name it and you’ll find it here. You’ll find delicious snacks here that go perfectly with your beverage. Delicacies from all around India can be found here. Foodies, your search for food ends here. Bakes, sweets and savouries from places like Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Indore and many other cities are waiting to be grabbed.

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