I have been a part of Indiblogger for maybe around 6 months now. During this time I would always see various bloggers meets organised by Indiblogger.

I was unable to attend these meets. It was either held in a different state or at the time of my exams or something like that. After these meets, bloggers would post their experiences along with pictures and I would just read those and feel sad for missing such an amazing opportunity.


The internet and the phone connections in my locality had been down for almost two weeks straight. I was unable to post anything on my blog. If there was some urgent campaign, I had to go to a cyber which was quite far from my place.


After two weeks, when my internet service started again, the first thing I did was check all the blogger websites to see what was going on. Just then I noticed #QuakerBowl Indiblogger meet event on the homepage.

When I clicked on it, I noticed that most of the seats were full and there were only few seats left. I was thankful that my internet service started at the right time. Without thinking much, I immediately registered.

I was so excited. There was a family get together at my house on Saturday evening. I made sure to eat very less and healthy food so that there is no health problem (you know what I mean) the next day. I was unable to sleep the whole night. I just kept thinking about how my first Indiblogger meet would be like and how the other bloggers would be and what activities I would do and who celebrity chef would be.

The next day I woke up way before my alarm went off. I got ready and left my house at around 8:30 am whereas the meet would start at 10:30 am. I, along with my two other blogger friends, Keisha (from Reword) and Chaitanya (from The Indian Capitalist), reached the venue, J.W.Marriott, Juhu, by 10 am. The registrations had not yet started. There were many bloggers interacting with each other.


I recognized few bloggers but couldn’t gather the strength to go and speak to them. Chaitanya introduced me to few of the bloggers. When, the registrations started, there was a huge line. When I reached the registration table, the Indiblogger team had a very welcoming and warm smile. It made me feel at home and not like it was my first meet. The team checked us in and put an Indiblogger stamp on our hand.

We went in and started looking around for a seat. The first few tables were full. We found an empty table in the exact center. Slowly, many bloggers cam and joined us three on our table. Some of these bloggers were Ishita Chakraborty, Ayesha Ghadigaonkar, Ekta Khetan and Shweta Tiwari.

The event started with Anoop welcoming us all. It followed with an exercise session. We shook our bodies to Tahir Shah’s latest HIT song, “Angel”.  Vineet Ranjan, dressed up in a robe, guided us throughout the exercise session. After this session, Anoop conducted a small get to each other session. Bloggers were asked to introduce themselves. Some bloggers volunteered. I didn’t! I know, I am stupid!

It was now time to make the big revelation, to introduce the special guest celebrity chef. It was none other than Chef Vikas Khanna. The whole room was filled with screams, cheers, whistle noises and applause.

Chef Vikas Khanna had joined hands with PepsiCo to promote nutritious and healthy eating habits. Chef Vikas shared some amazing facts about nutrition, food and oats. He pointed out that oats was like water, blending with other things and acquiring their flavour and taste. He shared some of the memories that he made on his journey as a chef. He shared some funny stories about being a Punjabi, his life in USA and adventures while at work. He had a very friendly approach towards all the bloggers and he blended among us very easily.


This event was not only about speeches, but also about fun games. Chef Vikas conducted a quiz. He asked us some questions, few of whose answers were right in front of our eyes. Next he had a food tasting contest. He selected few bloggers, asked them to take soup shots and write down the different ingredients they could taste. Lastly, he challenged all the teams for a cooking challenge.

Each teams were taken to our cooking tables were all the ingredients were provided.


We had to create a food dish with Quaker Oats within 10 mins. My team prepared Quaker Rubick Cube Tikkis.

The cooking part was fun. Within the limited time, teams were working their heart and soul to prepare something to impress our dear Chef. Some of us had never cooked before and hence you can imagine what an adventure it would have been.

There was a wide variety in the dishes prepared. Chef Vikas tasted all the dishes himself. He along with another chef from JW Mariott judged all the entries. Team 10 was chosen as he winner based on their dish’s presentation and taste.

Each person who won the contests held during the day were given an amazing Quaker Oats gift hamper. The event concluded with a group photo session and lunch. There was some amazing food dishes prepared with Quaker Oats.

Before leaving, we all were given a Quaker Oats recipe book and a packet of Quaker Oats. The first thing that I did after reaching home was open the packet and prepare a Quaker Oats recipe using the cookbook. I prepared a Quaker Oats Upma for my evening tea snack. It turned out amazing.


It was my first Indiblogger meet and I enjoyed it to the core. It was a wonderful experience with some amazing bloggers and of course Chef Vikas, Quaker and Team IndiBlogger.

I feel proud to be a part of the Indiblogger family. I look forward to more such amazing adventures on Indiblogger.

You can check out the pictures here.