Kaushal has written about me this week in his blog’s feature:
Check it out.. Thank you Kaushal. Re-blogging this.


It’s a feature on my blog. It’s a great idea to grow the community and to learn from the experiences of others. 

Every Sunday a blogger gets a chance to get featured on my blog for one whole week. Don’t miss out yours.

Participate. Get featured. Get popular. Get followers. Get visitors.

A little introduction

felicia1 Smile Please 🙂

Her name is  Felicia and she writes for ConfusedMango. She is a versatile persona with lot of skills. She loves weddings. Also, her blog is quite interesting . She is indeed very beautiful and will surely reply to you if you are reasonable enough. Her answers reflect the honesty and her approach towards her life. Along with that she has won numerous blogging awards.

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