Holi is a spring festival of colours. With the main day being just a week away, the preparations for holi have begun. This year I would like to make an appeal to all the people to avoid the use of water and play a dry holi with eco friendly or herbal colours instead.

Colourful days, solemn rituals, joyous celebrations – Holi is a cheerful occasion. A festival where all differences among individuals are resolved, people diving on to sweet festivities, Holi is a festival worth experiencing and celebrating in your life.


Story of Holi:-

It all really did start from the burning of Holika, the sister of the demon king Hiranyakashyap. The brother of Hiranyakashyap had been killed by Vishnu, and he had despised Vishnu since then. Much to his horror, his son Prahlad turned out to be a devout worshipper of Vishnu. Worried that his own son would make his subjects go back to openly worshipping Vishnu, he decided to kill his son. His sister, Holika had a divine drape which would never burn, so she wore the drape and sat on a pyre of burning wood. The drape, mystically, flew down from Holika to Prahlad, and Holika was burnt instead, thus the name, Holi. Symbolically, Holi marks the victory of devotion and the devotee over evil.


Blogadda along with Parachute Advance has given me a wonderful opportunity to relive my past memories of me playing holi. Firstly, thank you blogadda and parachute for this great campaign.

Celebrating holi was always a great deal. Sometimes it was a rebellious deal (when holi used to come during exam season). There was this one year when I had exams during the festival of holi. The parents of all the children in our locality had warned us not to go to play outside.

But we were after all kids. We had to do the things we were warned not to do.


We made all possible plans to sneak out of our houses to play with colours. We even divided the work like who will get what and meet where. But on the final day I was not allowed to go. The previous day, I was so excited about holi and stuck on the holi planning that I performed very badly in my tuition test. So my tuition teacher complained to my mother and hence I wasn’t allowed to go.

But never the less, after a lot of crying and pleading from my friends, my mom let me go to our terrace and play with colors.

There was this one year where one of a small boy name B from my building threw a colored water balloon on a young girl who was on her way to some party. She got so angry that she went to his house and started howling. That poor boy hid in our house. His mom apologized to that young girl. We kids had a great laugh about it. B was so scared that he didn’t throw water balloon on anyone for quite some time after that.

During holi, there was this one aunty in our locality who would prepare amazing food dishes. After playing holi when we all were tired she would get snacks for us all.

Our faces would be covered with so many colours that it would be impossible to recognize who is who. The colour would stay on for days even after cleaning it. And our faces would either look pink or purple or blue.

There are many wonderful memories from my childhood associated with holi. We have grown up now. We have become too busy with our lives. Whatever little break we get, we use it to rest and not to enjoy life. Time is money and hence we spend most of our time working.

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I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.