Holi- the festival of colours- is almost here. It is a spring festival and perhaps the happiest and most colorful religious festival.

Even though it is a Hindu festival, people of all caste and religion celebrate it with equal enthusiasm, passion and joy. That’s what I love about this festival.

The children in my locality have already started throwing water balloons on the passerby’s. The adults however are like machines. Holi, now a day, is like a festival meant only for children. Because, we only see young children celebrating it. The adults prefer to use this day to rest and to watch some TV show or catch up with some news or watch some ongoing sports event.

The times were not the same in the past.

When I was a child, holi celebrations were one hell of an experience. The colours would stay on our faces for weeks after holi was over.

My friends and the other children of my locality would start holi celebrations way in advance. During school, whenever the teacher would leave the classroom, the boys in my class would spray water on each other.

They had this technique of doing it. They would make a hole in the water bottle caps and use it as a spraying gun. When the teacher would return, she would find the benches, the floor the clothes of these boys wet and she would immediately realise that there was a water fight in the class.

When she would question these boys, they had their answers ready stating that the water got sprayed on its own. They didn’t know how to lie. There was this one time when Prashant, my classmate, put ink on another boys face and scream Holi hai! There was a small fight that took place but they became friends again.

Some boys would save their water for the big attack. The big attack was when school left. Some boys, who would leave class early before others, hide in the school buses or behind trees. Immediately when the school’s dismissal bell rang, and when the kids would run out, they would start spraying water on everyone. It was fun.
A day before the holi, we would celebrate it in our classrooms. Our teachers would get eco friendly colours and apply them on our cheeks. We would do the same to her and to each other. Of course, some boys would get a little excited and cover each other’s faces completely with colour.
It was impossible to stay dry on this day because after school, there was a great water fight. Some girls and teachers would carry umbrella to protect themselves.
The fun didn’t end there. My tutorial classes used to be in the evening. It was far away from my house. Hence whenever I would go to my tuition’s, I would walk on the road like a ninja. But still a balloon would hit me.
I would walk with another friend who was a guy. There was this one year that every time I would go to my tuition’s or return from there, I would be bombarded with water balloon whereas he would remain dry.
No matter whichever lane I took or however I hid myself, a water balloon would always find me. It was only later I realized that my friend had asked all his friends to do that.
So I took my revenge when I asked his younger brother to pour water in his pants when he was already to go to tuitions. It was hilarious to see his wet pants.
Last month we had a mini reunion and we were discussing all the old memories. It was amazing to revive these precious recollections of the past.

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