India is a developing country. Women are capable of doing any work that a man can do. We all talk greatly about men and women sharing the responsibilities, but, sometimes, or most of the times, it’s just words and not actions.

Have a look in our own household activities. Some of our parents, both of them, are working, whereas in some houses it is only the father who works. Both of them may work for same 8-9 hours. But when it comes to household work, it’s only the women who have to do that.

It’s our mother’s, or our wives or maybe our sister’s or daughters who have to do all the household chores after coming home from office.

It happens in all the families in India or maybe even the world. Gender inequality — especially when it comes to men and women sharing household chores — is a global issue. More than 75 percent of Indian women feel there exist inequality at home, between men and women. Most of working Indian women feel they have two jobs, one at work and another at home, and it’s actually true. Most of the men prioritize relaxing over helping with household chores. Because apparently they get “tired”.


But I think it’s high time for things to change. If not now, then I don’t think there will ever be any gender equality. Men and women should share the household chores equally. Research shows that when men do their share of chores, their partners are happier and less depressed, conflicts are fewer, and divorce rates are lower.

A man can start with a simple step by doing small things like doing laundry. You may not realize, but when you do the little chores, it is a very big deal to your wife or mother. It helps her get some me time. It also strengthens the bond between both of you.


By doing the little things you are setting a wonderful example in front of the little children in your family. And also shaping a beautiful future where there won’t be inequality in the house.

Ariel has come up with powerful advertisement video which has a very powerful message. A young woman’s father watches his daughter do the entire household chores as well as at the same time take care of some office calls. She juggles both household chores and office while her husband watches TV. Feeling apologetic, for not pitching in around the house more when she was little, and for not stopping her when she played house as a little girl the father thinks to himself “I never told you that it’s not your job alone, but your husband’s, too,”. It ends with a wonderful message where the father returns home and promises himself to help his wife in the household chores.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.