College life is one of the most amazing times of a person’s life.

There isn’t too much study pressure like school, you are free to go on adventures, you meet new people and make new friends, you learn to become independent, you explore your talents and put them to use, you travel with your friends, you have less responsibilities, the list is endless. Colleges even host fest and events which are completely organized by the students. This is one of the best times to showcase your talents or to meet new people. Usually many different colleges and students participate in a fest.

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During the final year of college, students have to usually complete a lot of assignments and prepare many projects. They need to also go through many previous year question papers to prepare for the boards. At such times, the usual social media apps are not much useful as you only get to connect with people in your friend list. Same goes with college fests. You don’t come to know there is a fest going on in some college unless you receive an invitation about it or hear about it from one of your friends. Even promoting your college event across many colleges in the city in a short time is nearly impossible.

At such times, there is one website which is like the perfect assistance to all the students to keep a track of the fests, events and other things.

Campus Karma is India’s first ever campus social networking website which aim to connect the youth/campus of India on one social platform. “Campus Karma” was initiated in Oct 2012 to help the students of India. The service is designed to help students meet new and old friends and search for all the events that are going to take place at different campus of India.

It’s a platform where one can get all the campus related activities starting from fest, workshops, news etc. They can share file like assignments and projects, start discussion and a lot more. Students can hunt for last year fest pictures and videos of any college that is upload by the students.

The site intends to pervade through the most enthusiastic age group of college going students and is meant to put next to corporeal college life, infusing it with an entertaining dimension of technology.

Currently there having 10000+ students and 1000+ colleges. It is one of the most amazing website that I have come across. Easy to use and an amazing initiative.

Share this amazing and wonderful website with your friends and any other college student you know so that more students can know about this amazing website that is launched to help them.

You can check the website at