A diverse ethnic and cultural spread gives Mumbai its unique flavor. If there is one thing you must do when you visit Mumbai it is to put all fears aside and try the street food; because, honestly, it’s simply the best. Mumbai’s taste buds long for appealing street food which is easy on pocket & delicious.

This is the third and final part of the Fantastico street food series. In two of my previous post I highlighted some of my favorite and the most fantastico street food that can be found in Mumbai.

So here we go:-

  1. Shawarma

Shawarma is a Levantine Arab fast-food staple. One shawarma is enough to fill your empty stomach. Unless you have a big appetite like me! I think you will find the best shawarma joints in Bandra, Churchgate, Andheri to name a few. I haven’t tasted shawarma from many places in Mumbai. I love the shawarma from Mira Road stalls (somewhere near Naya Nagar). They are cheap, big and delicious or in other words, fantastico!!! If you know any good shawarma joints, please let me know through the comments.


Credits:- Shawarma House
  1. Dabeli

Dabeli is another version of vada pav made with a sweet and spicy potato mixture which is filled into a small burger bun and then topped with onion, pomegranate, fresh garlic chutney and sev. I think somewhere; this is like a combination of pav bhaji and vada pav. I am not 100% sure, but I once read that dabeli originated from Kutch in Gujarat. It is a great Indian street food-style dish.


Credits:- Edible Entertainment
  1. Vada Sambhar

My second favorite South Indian dish is Vada Sambhar. Vada Sambhar consists of cruchy Medu Vada served with hot, spicy sambhar. Medu vada is an urad dal based fried snack, a delightful dish from the South Indian cuisine. It is soaked in mild and flavourful sambhar. The combination is nothing less than fantastico. This is the dish I used to always order when I was in my junior college.

Credits:- Unknown
  1. Ragada Pattice

Ragda Pattice is yet another chaat recipe from Mumbai. Potato patties are topped with dried green peas gravy, two chutneys, onions and sev. This is my sister’s favourite fast food. If you keep ragada pattice on one plate and a money on the other plate, she would go with ragada pattice (I have tried). I somewhere read that it is a popular breakfast dish from Marathi cuisine.


Credits:- Unknown
  1. Chole Batura

This is a very famous Punjabi Dish. Some years back, when I was on a road trip to Lonavala with my friends, we stopped at this dhaba and that was the first time I tasted chole bhatura. It was so tasty, so fantastico. I had ordered chole bhatura and lassi. The puri’s are huge. They are called as bhatura’s. Chole bhature is my all time favourite Punjabi dish. Choley bhature can be eaten in breakfast as well as in lunch.

Credits:- Unknown

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