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Drug addiction — falling prey to the dangerous habit of taking narcotics — is spreading fast among young men all over the world. It is a real problem that, once indulged in, gets into bones and cannot be shaken off with the all the efforts. The result is that not only the young addict but his family is often doomed.

Various factors are at work for the spread of this infection. The most common cause is a widespread feeling among even tender-aged boys and girls, of deep depression and gloom. We live in an age of heightened tempo of life.

Domestic atmosphere and parental relation today are not all that is desired. Often both father and mother go out to work outside, leaving the child uncared for. Thus sub-conscious discontent is primarily responsible for the teenager going astray and on wrong lines.

There are also drug-traders around them, lying in wait to look for the possible victim. They have paid agents who tempt depressed and discontented youngsters. Tender-aged boys and girls feel naturally attracted to anything novel or strangely new and unknown. So they are easily induced to take the drug for which the agents of drug-traffickers initially pay.


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Drugs like hashhish, marujiana, heroin, L. S. D., cockaine—contain high percentage of opium. Such a drug, when taken, at first leads to temporary forgetfulness with a kind of transport (lift) into a pleasant dreamland. Once initiated i.e. the habit is formed, the new addict must have it at the appointed hour and cannot do without it. If not received on time they tend to get restless.

Soon they turn anti-social, resorts to all sorts of crimes to have the money to buy the drug and end up leading the life of a wreck (ruined man) with frozen sensation about the outside world and the cherished human values. He is lost to the society and gradually glides to his grave. In this way the promising career of a large number of youths is blasted. What a pity!

Most of the youngsters today in Punjab face the problem of drug addiction. Media report say “70% of youth of Punjab is drug addict”. The drug menace in Punjab can be traced back from early 1960s with the advent of green revolution which bought more labourers especially from outside and due to that their demand for poppy husk and opium increased manifold. Even most of the truck drivers felt that it helped them in long driving.

There are many reasons for behind the Drug Problem in Punjab

  • Easy availability- Punjab Borders Pakistan on one end and Himachal Pradesh on the other.  The drugs which are meant to be supplied to the pharmaceutical industry located in H.P get diverted for consumption (these drugs are an essential component of the most of the medicines).
  • Administrative connivance- The administration is Hand in Glove with the Drug Syndicate. Many prominent political names have surfaced in the past as associates of the drug mafia that operates in Punjab.
  • Economic Condition- The rich indulge in drug abuse for the fun of it.  Rich Punjabi’s have got little to worry about when it comes to making ends meet. The poor on the other hand indulge in cheaper drugs; they use it as an escape route to divert their minds from the economic misery they are in.
  • Lack of awareness- The youth is always energetic, sentimental and vulnerable. With limited opportunities and forums to vent their frustrations and channel their energy, the youth turns towards Drug as a solution. There is critically low awareness about the ill effects of the Drugs. Unemployment, lack of education, peer pressure, loans due to farming and other social issues are responsible for the rising drug addiction in Punjab.
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The path of getting addicted is rather smooth in comparison with the process of cure and reformation. The, first task would be to isolate the young addict from his hardened companions. Then he or she has to be placed under specialized medical treatment.

A compassionate approach is to be followed to bring him back to the ways of normal life, for ultimately rehabilitating him to the bosom of the society. The physicians as well as the Police have a difficult responsibility and role to play in this regard.

Drug addiction that is ruining bright families is also a social curse. To fight and eradicate this evil organized efforts are called for both by the Govt. and social bodies. For this an intense anti-drug campaign has to be undertaken at first.

Various mass media like Radio, T. V., Cinema, the Press (newspapers and periodicals) have to be utilized, through lectures, slides, posters etc. Arrangements should be made to widely spread awareness among the rising generation about the limitless evils and harmful effects of drug-taking.

All routes to drug-peddling and smuggling have to be sealed so that drugs become scarce and not easily available. Ex-addicts should not be looked down upon as lepers. They should be treated with all the compassion and care they socially deserve. The sense of hopefulness is to be put in them so that they can turn a new leaf of life and become useful and responsible members of the society.

The saying is worth quoting

Every Sinner Has A Future Just As A Saint Has A Past.


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