“There is no sincerer love than the love of (street) food.” – George Bernard Shaw

A huge aspect of culturally diverse Mumbai is the culinary experience the city offers. Mumbai boasts of variety of street foods that it puts on display and everyone, from billionaire to beggar. So in the previous post I wrote about five mouth watering and delicious street food dishes.

This is a continuation of the first part.

  • Chinese Pakora

Chinese Pakora, which is also known as Veg Chinese Manchurian or Gobi Manchurian or Chinese Bhajiya at some places, is a very famous Mumbai street food. It is a fusion of Chinese & Indian cuisine. It is relished by both Indian food lovers & Chinese cuisine lovers. I had also shared the recipe on my blog. Check it here.

Credits:- Confused Mango
  • Bhurji Pav

Spicy scrambled eggs garnished with amazing masala’s and served with hot butter bread is the definition of Bhurji pav. This is a mouth watering delicacy. There is fast food shop near my house and he prepares like the best bhurji pav ever. I have tasted bhurji pav from so many other places but this one is my favourite.

Credits:- Unknown
  • Dahi Puri

Dahipuri, or Dahi puri, is an Indian snack which is especially popular in the state of Maharashtra. The dish is a form of chaat and originates from the city of Mumbai. The round, hard, puffy puri shell is first broken on top and partially filled with the main stuffing of mashed potatoes or chickpeas garnished with sweet curd and spices.

Credits:- Unknown
  • Ragada Samosa

This is a popular Indian savory snack available in several variations. It is spicy, tangy and sweet and a popular street food in India. It is served by adding a plate full of peas or chole masala, mashed samosa with freshly cut veggie toppings and a dash of lemon goodness. The chaat store near my house also adds sweet curd/ dahi to garnish it and it tastes heavenly.


Credits:- rajs-rasoi
  • Vada Pav

Also known as the Mumbai burger. This dish doesn’t need any introduction. It is the most filling, delicious and cheap snack. My dad always tells me that when he was young and working in Mumbai alone and he didn’t have much money to buy a filling dinner, he would buy two vada pav and tea and it used to be filling. Till this day he loves eating vada pav. Now, whenever he visits us (he works in abroad), I make sure to cook tasty vada’s at home. He sometimes eats three or four vada’s at one go. 🙂

Credits:- Unknown
  • Frankie

I simply love Frankie. There are various varieties of frankies available at the chaat stall near my place like cheese frankie, simple frankie, Chinese Frankie, veg Frankie, non veg Frankie, etc. There are various sub varieties under these too. I love eating the Chicken Tikka Frankie. Which is your favourite?

Credits:- Arina

To be continued….

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