“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.”

Carson McCullers – The Square Root of Wonderful

Love is indeed a very beautiful thing. But when the one you love is also your best friend, then it is the best thing in the whole world. The best type of relationship is one where you’re not only in love, but you’re each other’s best friend also.

I have known my better half (for now let’s call him ABC, privacy issues) for almost more than 10 years now. And it has been almost 5 years since we confessed our love.

Well, we were not friends actually when we met. You won’t believe it but we used to hate each other. It was not like love at first sight or something. We hated each other so much that there was a time he pushed me down the stairs on my birthday. And I slapped him hard front of his friends who then later made fun of him. Well we were kids back then and we did all sort of stupid things.

Then, one fine day when his mother left to go to another country, I found him crying bitterly. He loved his mother very much. I went and sat next to him and tried to console him. I tried to crack up some jokes to make him laugh but instead I made a fool of myself. Don’t worry I got him to laugh. That’s when we became friends.

After that we shared all our ups and downs together. We became best friends. He told me he had a crush on one of his classmate and I told him about the guy I liked. We tried setting each other up. I failed, he succeeded.

But things didn’t work out. When I started going to junior college, there was this amazing guy in my class who I used to like. I spoke to ABC about it and he didn’t seem happy. He tried to make me look like a desperate fool so that either I start hating that guy or he would start thinking I was kind of stupid/crazy. Well but he wasn’t successful. I was very angry on ABC when I found out what he did.

ABC told me, he had fallen in love with a girl. He didn’t want to lose her. I felt a wave of jealousy inside of me. But he wouldn’t tell me her name. I started getting jealous of each and every girl he would get friendly with. Till this date none of his friends (girls) like me because of all the antics I had done.

After almost a year filled with jealousy, he told me her name. It was me. At first, I was shocked. So I didn’t give him an answer. I was afraid that if something goes wrong it will end our friendship as well. But after almost a month I gave in to my feelings and answered positively.

One day, we both were walking home. On the way we were talking about some movie that had released at that time. Just then he told me, “I am a very strong person. I am not afraid of anything. I can fight a wild animal for you. I can do anything for you.”

I felt very proud. Just then, a rat came out of a nearby gutter. He got so scared that he hid behind me. He wouldn’t take a step front out of fear. He told me to shooo the rat away. I shoo’d the rat away but that look on his face was one of a kind. I couldn’t stop laughing. After that, every time I wanted to get some work done, I would blackmail him with some rat story.

It’s still funny when we recall that moment. It’s been almost five years now. There have been times when things didn’t go the way we wanted them to go. There have been fights. There have been agreements and disagreements. There have been tears and smiles. But our love for each other has gotten us through all the tough times.

He is the one who will make an ordinary moment seem magical. He is the kind of a person who brings out the best in me and makes me want to be a better person.

I am thankful that I got him in my life.

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