“Creativity without strategy is called art. Creativity with strategy is called advertisement.”

We come across different types of advertisements in our lives. They have invaded every aspect of our day to day dealings, our conversations, our thoughts and to a certain extent control our behaviour. Advertising is a way of communication. The main purpose of advertisement is to popular their name and become a good status in the world. They persuade customers to purchase a particular brand of product.

Credits:- Amul

Remember when Idea Network came up with “Hello Honey Bunny,” or Vodafone’s Zoo-Zoo or “Washing powder Nirma”or the Amul girl. These are just few examples but there have been so many advertisements that have had great impact on our lives.

We can see and hear advertisements everywhere, in a store window, on the bill boards, through the radio, on the television, the internet, in our mailbox, and even in video games.

Advertisements help the customers to choose which product is better that the other products of the same kind. It also provides the customers all the information about the products, the cost, the ingredients, the quality, etc. Instead of going out to the factory where products are made, people only have to stay at home, turn on the TV or Radio or Connect to the internet and take a look at the advertising channel or website or just Google the product name.

Companies have even come up with various competitions to promote their products. They give away free samples and take customer feedback. Most of the time companies hire celebrities to advertise their products. Having a popular face associated with a product will increase the trust factor.

Credits:- Global Masala

Advertisements can be used to create brand awareness in general to the public and to make business more popular within the circle of potential buys. In short advertisements give a proper introduction of brands. Thus advertisements increase the demands of the public consumption which directly boosts the sale of the brand.

Advertisements help to increase the sale of goods, so producers can sell goods at reasonable prices. They raise the standards of living of people by drawing attention to new products and ideas. It can be easily understood by every person.

But sometimes some advertisements don’t make any sense at all. They promote a very negative image. Showing girls getting turned on when they smell your perfume isn’t something meaningful and we all know it’s false. Also eating some paan masala won’t make you look smart.

They make us believe that our dreams will come true if we use their products. A lot of advertisements are there that make people feel depressed with their ordinary lives, like fairness cream ad’s. Every face cream advertisement says about changing the black skin tone color to white.

Credits:- Unknown

The message that advertisements send to the people are very powerful and companies should take care to remember that, it’s not just what they say that affects people but its how they say it. The advertising has deep impact into the minds of the viewers especially among the children. Hence the ad makers must be aware of the social consequences of the ads.


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