India is the largest democracy in the world. In terms of population, India stands second in the world. Most of India’s population is in the rural areas. Many people in India cannot read and write. Only 40% of the people of India can do so. Hence about 60% of the people of India are illiterate.
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Democracy can only be successful if people are educated. In Kerala and in West Bengal, the literacy rate is high. So democracy is very successful in these two states. Today people are realizing the importance of education. More and more people are sending their children to school.

Some people, in their early age, did not have the chance to get education for different reasons. When they are old if then, they get education and they can discover themselves in a new way.

There has been an increase in educational institutions. When people learn to read and write, they come to know their rights and duties. In a democracy, every person has one vote. Most of the time, politicians use the illiteracy of the people to their advantage and trick them and take their vote. If a person is literate, they will read about the persons standing as their representatives and they are aware about whom they will be voting.

The smooth working of the democratic Government and other institutions suffer to a great extent because of India’s backwardness in education.

Most of the people are not conscious of their rights, and duties because of the lack of proper education and awareness. It is with the educated and enlightened people alone that the country can progress in all directions. In our country, adult illiteracy poses a serious problem and hence, the need of adult education.

Indian economy mainly depends upon agriculture. The working class constitutes a great part of it. Most parents of this class of people are not in favour of sending their children to school. Even when they come to school, they become drip-outs and help their parents in tending cattle and doing many other works to add to family income.
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Sometimes, illiterate, unemployed people run to the towns and cities to work as labourers in industries and factories. They do not like to go back to the villages to get skilled in various ancestral trades and professions and work for a living.



This saying is very apt for adult education or continuing education. Adult education helps adult acquire new form of knowledge, skills, attitude and values. This education is very important as it helps adults to accomplish their goals, dreams and personal needs.

There is a need for adult education in India. This is due to lack of education, learning and proper consciousness. When they are educated, they can take an active part in the development of their country-side in various fields and ensure the progress of the country.

In India, many adult people are illiterate. They cannot read or write. They are not able to develop their sense of awareness of many things that would help them in life. With a view to marking these people literate, emphasis has been put on adult education.

Once people learn to read, they will be able to do so many things. Adult education is very important as then adults wouldn’t feel dependent on anybody. They would feel self sustained and independent. They can move into a society without any fear. As problems arise, suddenly and they can learn to tackle them. Education benefits in the best way be it a child or an adult citizen. There is no age of learning.

There are many things that can get in the way of the pursuit of proper education. The way society is structured now there are seemingly more ways for people to fail in their educational pursuits than it is for them to be able pass. A reason for that is because the academic environment is not one that is particularly conducive to the whole learning dynamic.
Night schools are being organized in the slum areas in towns and cities and in undeveloped rural areas. Vigorous campaigns are launched to make the adult illiterates realize their aim in life.

There should be continuous Post-literacy programme, so that they do not forget what they have learnt and keep themselves, up-to-date about the developments in the country.


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