Information Communication Technology (ICT) is becoming a part and parcel of human life. ICT is a diverse mixture of technology tools and resources to create, differentiate, store and manage information for communication. The discoveries and inventions in science and technology have improved the speed of communication. ICT has proved its importance in every arena. The progress of science and technology has opened a treasure of knowledge.
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There are six important elements of ICT: – People, Communication, Information, Procedure, Hardware and Software. ICT has been changing the role of educators to promote literacy. The potential impact of ICT on learning is the vision that it enables learning anywhere and anytime.

The capacity of ICT to reach students in any place and at any time has the potential to promote revolutionary changes in the traditional educational model.

The potential of ICT to tackle some of the challenges facing education and thereby impact on development has led many countries to invest heavily in ICT, placing it at the centre of their development strategies. ICT is a facilitator for major education and development reforms.

This is how ICT has impacted our lives:-

ICT has provided courses that small rural or urban schools cannot offer to their students because it is difficult for those institutions to recruit and retain specialized teachers, particularly to teach mathematics and science.

Schools not having expert teacher can use radio, TV or online instruction using already developed multimedia materials and sharing one teacher among several schools.


To avoid crowded classrooms, few schools have adopted a dual shift system without reducing its student’s actual study time. Due to this teachers get sufficient time to import knowledge which increases intellectual level.

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Due to ICT an expert person who lives hundreds of miles away can conduct the online courses to students and people all over the world.

Video conferencing is changing the way government is working. Bringing experts, decision makers and citizens face to face who are spread across geographically.
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National Informatics centre is providing video conferencing services for Government organizations. For e.g. Maharashtra State Centre Mumbai is well equipped for providing video conferencing services at International, National and at district level through NICNET. All the NIC Districts Centres in Maharashtra state are well connected with 2 mbps leased line to national network.

ICT has an important role in the world since we are now in the information era. With ICT, the company can make the business easier with clients, suppliers and the distributors. Nowadays ICT cannot be separated from our daily needs. ICT brings lot of advantages for the economic development enabling millions of transactions to happen in an easy and fast way.

ICT has opened the door to access information worldwide for the teachers, students and all the other people around the world. Other than schools, ICT is also used at so many different levels.

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The computers, networking and internet are the backbone of the banking system. It functions to control the entire banking system that also includes Electronic Banking Services.

Customers can carry out online transactions 24 x 7 using ICT. Customers use ICT to be connected online with suppliers to purchase products. This also saves times and cost as they do not have to go to any outlets. ICT is used to facilitate production planning and control systems, to support supply chain management and to help in product design in the industrial sector.

ICT has a great impact on our daily life. We can read local newspaper, stay connected through social media, carry out electronic transactions, book tickets, purchase things, learn and impart education, have entertainment, etc all using ICT.

ICT can also work as a bridge between the Government and Citizens. ICT can help in promoting culture, tourism and local products to the world.

ICT has become a powerful tool in fighting against poverty, providing developing countries an unprecedented opportunity to meet vital developmental goals, such as poverty reduction, basic health care and education far more effectively than before.

ICT cannot be separated from our daily needs. Thanks to technology and ICT our life has become much easier.
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