It’s been almost 6 years since I left school. Today I, myself, am training to be a teacher. All this, because, I was inspired by that one lady who was a principal for 32 strong years.
Mrs. Alice Fredrick.

The word FANTASTICO is perfect and I think was made for her. She is perfect in every way. She was a perfect teacher, a principled principal, astute administrator, wise psychologist, diligent worker, dignified person with a broad smile who could hold a pleasant conversation with anyone, regardless of age, caste or creed. She is just another name for a real face of a mother.
She hails from Kerala. She joined my school in 1978 as an assistant teacher with vast experience in the field of education. After completing her BSC and BED, she was entrusted with the tough assignment of teaching science and maths. In 1981, she was promoted to become the headmistress.
A couple of years ago, she retired. I always thought of giving her a tribute through my style but never got an opportunity. Now that I blog, I would like to pay my tribute to this fantastico lady.
I remember how she stood by my when I was sexually assaulted by a boy from my school. I am ever thankful and very grateful for whatever she did that day.
She is adorned by all those who know her. She was an excellent teacher and a wonderful role model. She was strict but yet loving. Even her superiors marveled at her amazing abilities. I was indeed privileged to learn under such a wonderful person.
She played a very important role when my school underwent construction. She started a canteen for students. She drafted new and better rules and regulations. She transformed the school completely.


She had the courage to stand by go convictions and refused to let go all that she believed in. She is truly an embodiment of optimism, confidence and positivity. She is a person who minces no words and has a straight forward attitude. She was respected by each and every student and staff member of my school.
Her heart was made of gold. She was so committed to whatever she did. She was dedicated to her job. She loved her students. She was patient and kind and affectionate. She was always discovering new things about her students. She motivated them to fulfil their dreams. Those who were good in sports or other activities, she gave them a push to keep going forward and not give up.
The day when she retired, there were tears in everyone’s eyes. All her ex-students from the 32 years of service were present for that day. She will always be remembered as a model of discipline, accuracy, effective evaluation and also a visionary.
I take this opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything that she has done.
I wish her all the very best in her life ahead and pray for her good health to God.

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