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Beach pollution is a problem in every coastal state. Have a look at the Juhu beach in Mumbai, or the Girgaun Chowpatty. The place, once upon a time, was so clean and wonderful. But today, it is filled with so much trash and dirt. It is extremely dirty. Plastic bottles, polythene bags, etc.

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This is the case of most of the beaches in India and around the world. Many beaches have been closed down or a labelled unfit for recreational purposes. This pollution is dangerous to the environment. Moreover, swimming in polluted beach waters may be dangerous to one’s health.

Beach pollution is a continual problem. If proper measures are not taken at the right time, I don’t think there will be any beaches for us to visit in the future.

In this post let’s see what things causes’ beach pollution and how it impacts our lives:-


We have become a throwaway society and are running out of dumps to put our trash. Dumping grounds are getting filled. Some people do not even try to dispose of their trash appropriately and throw it in and along our waters. Beaches are filled with trash. If you ever go swimming or fishing in any beach, I am sure you will find at least one plastic bag stuck to your feet or to the fishing hook.

No one likes fishing or swimming when there are broken bottles, sharp cans and other trash in the sea. Sinking cans, bottles or other trash in the water may put them out of sight temporarily, but they are still there and it is still wrong. Most of this trash is plastic. Plastics are particularly hazardous as they are not easily biodegradable and will be around for a long time, maybe for hundreds of years.

The garbage produce by each household in the form of paper, aluminum, rubber, glass, plastic, food if collected and deposited into the sea in some countries.

Thousands of fish and birds die every year from getting tangled in plastic. Some sea turtles even mistake plastic bags for jellyfish (their favorite food) and choke to death when they eat a plastic bag by mistake.

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Second most sickening thing that causes beach pollution is sewage. Sewage consists of human wastes and garbage. It also includes water used for laundering or bathing.

Today’s laws are quite strict, but sewage pollution is still a major problem, especially in large cities. In India, we usually find people getting lighter (you know what I mean) wherever they want. The animals waste is washed away into the rivers when it rains. It gets mixed up with other harmful chemicals.

Raw sewage can cause serious diseases in humans who use the water or eat shellfish from polluted areas. It causes various water borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea, jaundice, dysentery and typhoid. Sewage may also make waters unhealthy to swim in. I mean who would like to swim in such a nauseous place.


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Industrial waste:-

Industries have treatment plants that treat waste but yet at the end of the day all the small industries throw their waste in the sea. Industries produce huge amount of waste which contains toxic chemicals and pollutants which can cause pollution and damage to us and our environment.

Many industries do not have proper waste management system as they cost a lot of money. This is very poisonous and the fishes in such polluted water are killed. This water is not fit for humans too.

Oil spills also sometimes pose a huge concern as large amount of oil enters into the sea and does not dissolve with water. A ship carrying large quantity of oil may spill oil if met with an accident and can cause varying damage to species in the ocean depending on the quantity of oil spill, size of ocean, toxicity of pollutant.

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Accidentals leakage may happen anytime and may cause damage to environment and result in soil erosion. A small leakage from the sewer lines can contaminate the underground water and make it unfit for the people to drink. Also, when not repaired on time, the leaking water can come on to the surface and become a breeding ground for insects and  mosquitoes


This type of pollution is not safe for our environment. Measures are being taken to protect it. But we should be responsible citizens and do our bit too by not littering on the beaches and not throwing our waste in the sea.


We need to protect our environment and it is our duty to take utmost care of all the things that have been gifted to us by God.