Sometimes you come some people who are always happy and smiling. It is like they take happy pills every day. These people just love life. They are ever motivated to do anything.

Are you a peppy person? If yes, good for you. If no, how can you be one?

A peppy and bubbly personality is someone who is always fun to be around, who lightens the atmosphere with a friendly, happy-go-lucky sense of humour and who cares about everyone in his or her vicinity.
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Here is how you can be a peppy person:-

  1. Count your blessings. Count all the things you have received in your life. Think about all the good times and about the special people in your life. Be thankful for everything you have and everything you are blessed with.
  2. Find something you love to do and do it, even if it’s just a hobby. Doing something you love will keep you motivated and help you have a good mood all the time. For e.g. I love sewing and blogging and once when I am on my computer or on my sewing machine I don’t even realize how time goes by.
  3. Do a random act of kindness every day. Try to make the world a better place for someone — just one person at a time. Help people get onto a bus, carry bags for those in need, open a door and let others through first. Little pieces of kindness that will make your karma forever good when it bounces back your way.
  4. Laugh as often as you can. Make other people laugh. Studies show that smiling a lot builds up your mood as the endorphins release and happiness becomes a normal state of being for you. Try it on for size and start becoming used to it. Studies have shown that putting a cheerful smile on your face can actually make you feel happier and more optimistic about the present and future.
  5. Be with positive people. Positive people have a positive impact in your lives and will keep you motivated unlike the other ones who will make you feel bad of yourself.
  6. Have confidence in yourself. Confidence is the key. When you are confident everything you do will be successful. Stay optimistic. Find and be with optimistic people.
  7. Try to make lots of friends. Start a conversation with at least one (new!) person a day. Start with someone in one of your classes.
  8. Attain different looks for different exciting/happy occasions. Have a haircut or get a new dress. Sometimes new thing helps you get a new outlook on life.
  9. Stay fresh and clean. Wear clean clothes. Put on perfume. Wash your face every time you feel tired. Staying fresh helps you to remain happy.
  10. Hear music whenever you feel sad or stressed. Music has the ability to lift up your spirits. Try listening to upbeat music. Stay away from depressing or downbeat
  11. Avoid comparing yourself to others. It’s easy to be envious, but this can often lead to purely negative thinking. Everyone is different in each way. So don’t compare yourself to others at any cost.
  12. Try finding silver linings in every bad situation. Look for positivity in the negative things. If you can find anything positive then it means you have to do something positive that will help someone.
  13. Stay fit. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Engage in some kind of physical activity. Limit mood-altering substances, such as drugs or alcohol.
  14. Everyone has times of weakness. You may stumble at times. But remember you have your friends and family with you throughout your tough times. And you are never alone. Forgive and forget. The past is in the past. Let it go.
  15. Lastly but most important, thank God for everything. Spend some time talking to Him. Tell Him everything that upsets you and troubles you. Share your good times and your bad times with Him. Remember, heaven and earth will pass away, mountains will fall and the hills will turn to dust, but He will never leave you alone.
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So hope this helps.

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