Most of us in our lives must have come across extremely talented people. Some kid from your locality maybe like the next Sachin Tendulkar. One your neighbour maybe like the king of music. Or your friends dance move may put great dancers to shame. Or your mom’s cooking may force you to literally eat directly from the hot utensil. You get the gist right!?!

In today’s post I would like to bring to light one such amazing artist that I have come across. He is simply amazing. The quote PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT is actually in reference with him. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “Every artist was first an amateur.”

Meet Ajesh Palelil


Ajesh (21) is a brilliant and wonderful sketch artist. He has been sketching people from a very young age.
Ajesh was six years old when he started drawing. “I drew a star and won 1st prize in a drawing competition, after that I won 1st prize every year in competitions,” he says. When Ajesh was in school, he was selected to represent his school in an art competition. He won the third prize. Winning competitons motivated Ajesh to keep drawing.
But as Ajesh neared his SSC Board exams, he drifted away from his passion. “I left competition and drawing. I got busy in life, studies and with friends that I didn’t have time to draw,” he says.
But after completing his 12th exam Ajesh got back with his passion. “All my friends took up different streams. Everyone I knew started going away. And maybe because of this I started drawing again during my pastime.”
But this time, Ajesh started to take his hobby seriously. He bought Navneet sketch book (a book that teaches how to sketch portraits) and he used to try sketching looking at the demo pictures. He started improving his skills. “The more I learned, the more I started liking to draw.”

Other than sketching, Ajesh also loves movies. He also loves music. He has a great collection of movies and music. He has a craze for Sci-Fi action movies.
“When I was in first year of my degree, I started sketching my friends and uploading it on Facebook. This made me famous and popular in college and rest of the social media. People motivated me by praising my artworks which made me drew more.”
When I asked him how much time it usually takes to prepare a sketch he said it usually depends on his mood. He prefers to sketch when he is in a fresh and happy mood. “When I have a good mood, I sketch. Sometimes to have a good mood it takes almost a week. I don’t rush a sketch. I feel I would take 4 hours if I continuously draw without taking a break.”


When asked if being an artist is difficult, he says, “Every child is an artist, it’s up to him/ her whether to continue once he/she grows up. Drawing is not hard and never will be. The one who wants to draw must learn to have patience and have confidence that he can make it. No one can become perfect on the very first day. It takes lots of practice to improvise their drawing skills.”
Such a wonderful inspiration.
If you would like to get in touch with Ajesh or check out his other artwork, you can follow his Facebook page. If you want Ajesh to sketch you or you know some art exhibition or some place where you think his talent can be put to wonderful use you can contact him.
Here are some of his sketches.