2015! It wasn’t a sweet, beautiful, peaceful year. Was it? No! It was filled with the terrorist attacks, natural calamities, hate crimes, disasters, etc. Everyday when you would turn on the news you would for sure see all of them filled with negative and sad news.


There have been much much much more positive things that has happened in 2015 too. Unfortunately we fail to notice it. If you look around in your community or just stand on a railway platform or busy road, you for sure will see atleast one person doing one random act of kindness.

The Youth Ki Awaaz website has come up with an initiative to appreciate all these inspirational acts that helps us to restore our faith in the humanity. #SPREADTHEVIBE

Today i would like to share a post about one such inspirational person on the streets of Bandra.

Mr. Sandeep Bacche

Most of us must be familiar with this person. He is a autorickshaw driver. He is like the king of Bandra.

Last year, when I was in college, my friends and I came across him. He is a man who represents Mumbai -the spirit of work, the spirit of travel and the spirit of excelling in life. He has been an auto rickshaw driver in Mumbai for over 15 years.

If you get into his rickshaw, you will have no complaints about your ride. If any big shot company wants to learn about customer service I think they should learn it from him.

His rickshaw has everything, WiFi, LCD TV, STD/PCO, Mobile Charging, First aid kit, newspaper stand, Well-cushioned seats, energetic interiors, everything. He is a Bhai fan and has a collection of Bhai’s movies in his pendrives, which he plays on his LCD for his customers to enjoy the ride. Also it is filled with vibrant and motivational pictures and quotes.

He is fun and energetic and lively and friendly. Once you are in his auto rickshaw you need not worry about anything. His rickshaw has everything.

Not only this, Mr. Sandeep Bacche is also very philantrophic. He has a mini meter for senior citizens, gives free ride during medical emergency, discounts for handicapped and disabled passengers. And he donates a portion of every fare he receives to charity.

Mr. Bacche also goes home to home on Sundays, collecting old clothes and toys, which he then donates to shelters for the poor and to ashrams. He visits Mumbai’s Tata Memorial hospital and Mount Mary church each once a month to donate money he has collected. When he has free time, he walks around the Khar-Bandra area sweeping dirt and garbage off roads. He also takes the eunuchs out for tea every once a week or month.

Mr. Bacche has been profiled on many newspapers and on TV. If you google Mr. Sandeep Bacche you would surely get to know a lot more about him. You can also get in touch with him personally through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or mobile:- 9594236040

We all need to learn a lot from him. If there are around 100 Sandeep Bacche in our communtiy, our world would have been an even better place to live in.

Salute you sir!

(All the images used on this post are from Mr. Sandeep Bacche’s Facebook page.)