The year 2015 was filled with both good times as well as bad times. Most of us only crib about all the bad things that have happened in 2015. Little do we notice the good things that actually have happened especially around us in our own community.

In this post I would like to share one such lovely and positive thing done by small children that restored my faith in humanity.

Sunday, 25th October, was an exciting day for the Sunday school children of Our Lady of Nazareth Parish, Bhayandar.

Under the guidance of Fr. Paul Fernandes, a breakfast sale, in aid of the education of the Katkari tribe in Mahad, was organized by the Sunday school team.

There were around 200 kids who were a part of this event. Some of them were even as young as 5 years old. The enthusiastic kids along with their parents prepared somehome-made breakfast items and put it up for sale.

Most of the kids had themselves prepared the delicious breakfast items. There was a wide variety of food items. From South Indian dishes to fast food items, every possible breakfast item was up on sale. Some kids even prepared some lunch items and put it up for sale.

These breakfast items were sold after every mass. There were teachers helping out the kids. The kids were so very enthusiastic. They all woke up early in the morning at 5 am on a Sunday and were ready on the church premises by 6 with everything set up. They had made posters to spread awareness.

Some kids had made small handmade paper flowers as a symbol of love and they went around giving it to the people. Some kids were distributing motivational quotes bookmarks to spread the message of love and peace and to lift up people’s spirit.

The sale started at around 6 am. Each class was allotted individual counters, where the students with the help of their respective teachers sold mouth-watering snacks. Everything was sold out and the total collection was around Rs. 50,000/-.

This money was donated to the education of the Katkari tribe’s children who don’t receive proper facilities. Not only this, the very next Sunday some of the kids visited a home for the disabled and spent time with them. They donated some grocery items, clothes and money, all from their personal savings.  They fed the disabled people, helped in the cleaning of the locality, read stories to small kids, etc.

During the season of Advent, there was a sale of Christmas items held. The kids had prepared handmade cards and decorations from the old unwanted Christmas décor. They had transformed it in such a way that it looked brand new. They also organised a bumper lucky draw for the parishioners. The collection was around Rs. 80,000/- which went to the Goregaon Seminary from where it would be distributed to different charity trusts around Mumbai.

Not only this, the children keep on doing good deeds like visiting the old, cleaning places, teaching slum kids, distributing food among poor, etc all throughout the year. They do this with so much excitement and happiness.

Over the years, they have been spreading a smile and reaching out to people and restoring faith in humanity. It is really inspiring how these little children are doing so many things to make this world a better place without expecting anything in return. They do this without grumbling. They are ever excited to do something and also their parents are very motivating.

There are many people around us who, with their little acts of kindness, make this world a better place to live in. Share your stories too with the hashtag #SpreadTheVibe.

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