Why? Because I did somethings that I never imagined I could do.

Life has never been easy for me. I don’t think life has been easy on anyone. At the end of 2014, I had made a couple of resolutions but I never thought I would fulfill most of them.

Every year I make resolutions but this may be the first time I have actually completed most of them.

I graduated with a wonderful score. In my fifth semester exams I didn’t score good marks. In 2014, I had promised myself that when I graduate I would graduate with amazing marks. And I did.



I always had this thing that I wanted everyone to like me. I would try so so so hard to please them. I would do all their work. I would let them take credit for my ideas, I would let people treat me like shit. (Yes, you can say I was kind of desperate). People would actually take advantage of me being sweet. They would spoil my name, insult me, etc. But as the year 2015 started, I said to myself enough is enough. I started cutting out people from my life (the ones who never valued me). Today as I look back I have cut out almost 75% of friends from my life. And I have never been happy. I learned to live with the fact that not everyone likes you, and it’s okay. I am proud of myself for doing this.

I wanted to start blogging from a long time. But I would always feel that I would mess it up like by making grammar mistakes or writing something embarrassing. But I gave it a try. And I am happy I did. I realised that my fellow blogging friends are always there to help me out. I also shared some happy sad memories on my blog.

I always wanted to learn to sew wedding gowns. When I was in my final year I thought I would never be able to fulfill my wish of learning to sew wedding gowns because I will have to start working in some boring but I still tried and enrolled myself in a local stitching classes. Today I am almost done with my wedding gown course and hopefully I will start sewing wedding gowns for brides in 2016.

After I graduated I went for so many interviews. I got selected in a big institution with a good pay package and for a good position. It would be a dream job of anyone. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t want to work in a 4 x 4 cubicle. I always loved teaching. Hence, I said no to a big shot opportunity to do something that I love and enjoy. I took up B.Ed. And even though I may have to struggle alot, I am proud of my decision.

I have always had difficulty saying no. I didn’t like turning down people. As a result I ended up doing things I didn’t like. But this year, I gathered the courage to finally stand up for myself and say no to the things I wasn’t comfortable doing. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.


I, invite each and every one of you to look back to your 2015 year and share some things that you are proud of. We never celebrate those little achievement but it’s time to tell yourself, “WELL DONE!”

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