Christmas is near. It is time to start preparing the Christmas sweets. Here is the most classic and tasty Christmas sweet recipe.


Marzipan is a traditional sweet prepared for Christmas and Easter. Made with almonds, icing sugar, corn syrup and a dash of almond extract for flavor, it comes together in a food processor in minutes.


Cashew nuts can be substituted for almonds. Ensure that the nuts are ground to a fine powder.

An easy eggless, no-cook, foolproof recipe with the texture of the marzipan soft and smooth to handle. Great to work with and does not dry out when moulding nor sticky with the addition of food colours.



1 kg sugar
Β½ kg cashew nuts
White of 8 to 10 eggs (depending on size)
30 ml water and 2 to 4 ml rose essence or 30 ml rose water
3 to 5 ml almond essence (optional)




Grind the sugar, nuts, water and egg white into a thin paste in a blender.
Put the mixture into a thick bottomed pan on slow flame.

Stir continuously. Increase to a medium flame very slowly if you can manage.

Bring to a bubbling boil to melt the sugar.

Then reduce the flame but don’t stop stirring.

Cook till it starts leaving the sides of the vessel. Run a spatula through the mixture.

If the mixture takes a second or two to follow your spatula, you know it’s done.

Pour into a flat thali.

Spread out the mass to cool otherwise it will keep cooking with the heat inside.

Then add a little almond essence.

Divide the marzipan into portions and colour each portion as you please.

Then mould the marzipan into attractive shapes with a mould.


Moulds are available online or in some selected shops.