With the dawn of the 21st century, there has been a boom in the usage of #technology. Technology made the human life happier by preparing various gadgets with the help of science.

From fixing appointments to sending letters and documents, from buying groceries to selling stuff, everything can be done with the help of #smartphones.

The rise of technology in India has paved way to the economic development of the nation. Even the people in the remote and rural areas of the country can use mobile phones.

The youngsters of the 21st century are the people benefitting most from the latest technology. Technology and smartphones have made the life of today’s youth easier.

Smartphones have helped the youth stay connected to their loved ones even from a foreign land. Everything can be done with the click of a button using a smart phone.

But that’s not it. Today’s youth are selective about the mobile phone’s they buy. Most of the youths look for the following features while buying a smart phone:-

  1. Camera Quality

The primary and secondary camera quality is the most wanted feature that the youngsters look for. From clicking the perfect selfie and amazing landscape and portrait images to uploading them on the social networking sites, camera quality plays an important role. Nobody wants to buy a phone having less than 5 megapixels primary camera and 2 megapixels secondary camera.

  1. Battery Life

From the continuous use of social media and messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube to playing games, and surfing the internet, people are looking for phones with longer battery life. People are looking for smartphones with the ability to go more than a day without having to charge or recharge their device.

  1. Memory and Processor

Youngsters want their smartphones to have a good memory so that they can store a lot of files in their phone. Nobody likes the continuous “Memory Low/Full, Delete Some Items” pop up on their phones. People are looking for a smartphone with good internal memory & a nice expandable external memory. Also people prefer to go for smartphones with the latest processor preferably #Octacore or Quad core or Qualcomm Snapdragon.

  1. Operating System

Nobody wants to buy a phone with an outdated operating system. People prefer their phones to have the latest and updated operating system with the latest features. Most of the youngsters prefer #Android phones over any other phone as they are easier to use and offers a wide variety of features. Some other operating systems are like iOS, Windows, Blackberry.

  1. Body and Display

A smartphone with a wide screen, High quality HD display, wonderful colours, great resolution, capacitive touch screen and sensors etc. are most preferred by the youngsters in today’s generation. People prefer phones which not only are have the above features but also are light in weight.

  1. Accessories

The accessories that come along with the phone also play an important part. The durability of the headphones and charger is also very important. Sometimes what happens is that the headphones or the charger that comes along with the smartphone gets spoilt within a month of purchase. Also people prefer phone that comes with a lot of accessories.

  1. Network

Phones that support fast network like 4G, 3G are preferable by the customers as compared to the other phones with slower network support. Also people like phones which support WiFi facilities too. Dual sim also plays an important role.

  1. Other Features

Other features include the music, sound, video quality, Bluetooth, GPS, gaming, antivirus, and other inbuilt apps. Youngster have a check about all these things before buying a smartphone.

  1. Budget

Most important factor before buying a smartphone especially for youngsters who are not working is money. Today people prefer to buy a phone that offers all features at a reasonable price. That is the reason why Android mobiles dominate the market as compared to iPhone’s and Windows.

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Smartphones play an important part in our lives and they are expensive too. Hence it is necessary to do a good research before buying a phone.

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