Aren’t babies cute? And Beautiful? And Perfect? Babies are delicately beautiful and sensitive. But not everything about a baby is perfect.

Babies have extremely sensitive skin. One small mistake can give your baby skin irritation and rashes making them cranky.

  1. Clothes:-

Babies should be dressed in cotton clothes most of the time as they are skin friendly and absorbs sweat also. Wash them in warm or hot water to maintain hygiene.

When out in the sun, dress the toddler with loose-fitting cotton clothes and keep them away from overexposure to the sun. few minutes of sun can supply vitamin D but excessive exposure can tan the skin tone.
  1. Products:-

Not all products are suitable for an infant/toddler’s skin. Only doctors recommended products like soaps, shampoo, oil, powder should be used. Because few product available in the market can be harsh for the toddler’s skin.

  1. Hygiene

Change diapers more frequently. Thoroughly clean and dry bottom during each changing. It also helps to air out baby’s bottoms every once in a while. If there is a rash consult your doctor before applying any cream or ointment. Give your baby a nice bath with products that are suitable for their skin.

  1. Home Remedies

Use home remedies and natural products like Aloe Vera gel, Gram flour etc to keep your baby’s skin healthy. Natural products help the skin remain soft and moisturized and they are not harmful.

  1. Atmosphere

Keep baby’s room cool all the time. If the room not cool or humidified, the baby may sweat and get cranky. Sweat can also cause skin irritation and rashes. If your baby sweats try giving them a sponge bath as this will help them feel fresh.

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