We all are born special. But sometimes the people around us make us feel like we are good for nothing. There are some people who make you feel bad about yourself. This has happened to me too. At such times the best you can do is delete these people out of your life. The happiest people go out of their way to treat themselves right and they do something nice for themselves each day.

Remember “You Are Special”, “I am Special” and we deserve to be treated that way. We should feel good about ourselves, our talents, and our uniqueness. We all are one of a kind. Want to be happier? Begin by being good to yourself. Feel good about whatever you do. Appreciate and reward yourself when you accomplish something.

The more you build self-love, the more you have to give to others. When you love yourself, you understand that saying no to something you don’t want to do is an act of kindness, and you don’t walk around with negative feelings toward the person who asked you to do something you didn’t want to do.

I’m special. In all the world there’s nobody like me. I believe that I am special for various reasons. Firstly, why I’m special is because I’m a gift of god. I’m special in the way I am and look. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like me. Nobody has my smile nobody has my eyes, my nose, my hands, my voice.

I don’t put on make-up while going out for a party, wedding or for anything and yet when I look in the mirror I feel good about myself. I got amazing hair (Thank you God).

Another special thing about me is that I got good managerial skills. I am good at handling things even under a lot of peer pressure. I am confident. I have single handily organized a treasure hunt for my parish. And it was a big big success.

I have traveled from a back stage helper to a back stage head to a lead actress for a drama group. I have acted as Juliet (the dream role for most of the girls out there) in a Romeo-Juliet play which went on to be super hit.

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I have won an all Mumbai Carol Singing Competition (DYSC 2014) and I feel proud about it. I can hit the high notes and sing nicely without attending any singing classes ever in my life. Not only that, I can also rap and do a little beat-boxing (I am still practicing).


I am special because, I can sew clothes. I also teach children. I have been a part of an NGO. I can play the piano (without attending classes). I blog. I have been a zonal youth leader.

My Zonal Youth Team.

And I find happiness in whatever I do. I have tried various things that I have always been afraid of doing not caring about failure. I have failed yet I feel proud of myself for doing something that I have always been afraid off.

And I got wonderful friends: Keisha, John, Dagma, my choir group (Runcil, Rochelle and Team), Sarina, etc… They are also there for me whenever I need them. They have encouraged me to grow and do the things I have always been afraid of doing.


I have got a super amazing big joint family. A wonderful sister, a superhero father, a chubby nephew, etc.

I have great tolerance for stupidity. I have worked with super annoying friends with a smile on my face. I have done mistakes in the past but I have left the past in the past.

I have stopped caring about what people think about me. Delete the “Log Kya Sochege” phrase out of your life. Life your life like there is no tomorrow.


I’m the only one in all of creation who has my set of abilities. Oh, there will always be somebody who is better at one of the things I’m good at, but no one in the universe can reach the quality of my combination of talents, ideas, abilities and feelings. Like a roomful of musical instruments, some may excel alone, but none can match the symphony sound when all are played together. I’m a symphony.

Through all of eternity no one will ever look, talk, think or do something like me. I’m rare. And, in all rarity there is great value. Because of my great rare value, I need not attempt to imitate others. I will accept and celebrate my differences.

I’m special. And I’m beginning to realize it’s no accident that I’m special. I’m beginning to see that God made me special for a very special purpose. He must have a job for me that no one else can do as well as I. Out of all the billions of applicants, only one is qualified, only one has the right combination of what it takes.

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